Andy Cohen Thought Kroy Biermann Was Going To Punch Him After Kim Zolciak Biermann’s Last Real Housewives Reunion; Andy Claims Kroy Brought A Gun To The Reunion

Real Housewives of Atlanta has always been a monumental city for the franchise for many reasons. It provided the first Real Housewives city with nearly an all-Black cast. It gave us the gift (some may say, created the monster) that is the queen NeNe Leakes. It also, if you think back, was the first city to really involve the HouseHusbands in the drama. Peter Thomas, Apollo Nida, Todd Tucker, Gregg Leakes — they walked so the husbands on Real Housewives of New Jersey could run.

One husband who always found himself not really in the drama, but shoving cameras away from the drama, was Kroy Biermann. He and Kim Zolciak Biermann’s love story wouldn’t exist without RHOA. We first saw his tight butt at the same time Kim did. That is, before he gave her a million babies and became her full-time driver. And in Miss Wig’s last-ever RHOA season, Kroy provided plenty of fodder to speculate over. Particularly, his staunch defense of his wife, the self-proclaimed No. 1 pot-stirrer, and her bad behavior.

Andy Cohen is not shy to pissing of his cast members and their families. Teresa Giudice shoved him at a reunion and that was only her second ever. But according to New York Post, there was one moment between Andy and Kroy that Andy really expected to turn sour, and physical.

By now we know Andy was spilling all the tea in David Quinn’s tell-all “Not All Diamonds And Rose.” And in the chapter about RHOA, he explained his feelings during Kim’s last reunion during Season 10. If you remember, Kim was on the chopping block for circulating a video taken by Brielle Biermann allegedly in NeNe’s house, claiming that there were cockroaches there. NeNe and the girls tried to explain to Kim the racial implications of saying a Black woman has roaches in her house, but to no surprise, she wasn’t hearing it. The only good thing that came out of it was NeNe and Gregg’s iconic roach Halloween costume. Oh, and likely the last time we’ll ever have to say “Bye Wig” to Kim on Real Housewives ever again.

Andy confronted Kim after the reunion in the bathroom, in the now viral meme moment where a producer says “I need Andy and a camera.” Andy said in that moment, he thought Kroy was going to punch him. “I just remember Kroy yelling at me in the bathroom after the reunion,” Andy said. “It was the only time during the whole run where I ever felt like I was going to get punched.” Thinking back to all the shade Andy’s thrown, it’s a shock he’s never been caught in the cross-fire before this moment.


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Andy recounted in the book that Kroy was yelling at him for not “protecting” Kim enough or focusing on positive aspects of her life. Iconically, Andy reminded Kroy that there weren’t many positive moments, which was frightening for him to say to a former NFL linebacker. “I thought, ‘This is it, dude, there are so many Housewives and husbands who are tired of your shady shit and you’re about to get your reckoning,” Andy said. Thankfully, it didn’t get physical. But it is humorous to watch the scene back and think about Andy silently freaking out about confronting Kroy in his mind.

And the King of Bravo Drama had to add a juicy tidbit into the whole ordeal — the fact that Kroy allegedly brought a gun to the reunion. “What I’m relieved [about], I didn’t know at the time, was that Kroy had a gun with him that day and production made him leave it in the car,” Andy said. Ohhh boy. He has nothing to lose now that Don’t Be Tardy also said Bye Wig from Bravo for good. But Kim and Kroy are NOT going to be happy about that one. They’ll probably say Andy’s just spreading lies because he’s “jealous,” Kim’s go-to response.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]