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Ramona Singer Tried To Ditch Watch What Happens Live For Lady Gaga Tickets; Couldn’t Name 1 Lady Gaga Song

Real Housewives of New York “OG” Ramona Singer really is one of a kind. Eboni K. Williams joined Season 13 as the first Black Housewife on the franchise. Eboni has tried to educate her RHONY co-stars about racial issues.

For example, Ramona referred to her staff as “the help.” Eboni explained why that was problematic. But at Eboni’s Harlem-themed dinner party, Ramona wanted to literally eat– and run away.

During the most recent episode of RHONY, the cast gathered to film the video for Luann de Lesseps’ Christmas song. All the ladies sang on the track, which was recorded for charity. The biggest diva was Ramona, who refused to hang up during a business call while everyone waited for her.

Ramona even makes an impression on Housewives from other franchises. Real Housewives of Potomac star Gizelle Bryant is still fuming because Ramona stopped a photographer from taking group photos so that she could ask Gizelle to step out. Ramona’s specialty is being rude.

Since her divorce from Mario Singer, Ramona has been dating up a storm. She has been known to ditch her co-stars if she spots an eligible man. And Ramona must have the best room wherever she stays. Plus, the woman just admitted to eating dog food. Who does that? Only Ramona!


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In July of 2021, rumors surfaced that Ramona was fired from RHONY. In a conversation with a fan, which was shared by @CommentsByBravo, Ramona was asked if she was fired. Ramona replied, “Nope.” Luann doesn’t believe that Ramona was axed. “I can’t imagine Housewives of New York without Ramona. So, I think it’s all of that, just chatter,” Luann stated.

According to Page Six, Ramona tried to ditch her appearance on Watch What Happens Live on August 4, 2021, when she got a better offer. Ramona did appear on the show along with her RHONY co-star Bershan Shaw.

In a video clip, host Andy Cohen announced that he and Ramona were playing a game. “But when it comes to her list of potential regrets as a Housewife, I could come up with at least a few hundred thousand, so I want to go through a few of those as we play “Do! You! Regret It!? Round 2,” he said. Buckle up, Ramona!

Andy asked, “Do you regret calling me today at 3 o’clock asking if you can get out of coming on the show … because someone offered you Lady Gaga tickets? Do you regret that?”

Overcome with embarrassment, Ramona pulled up the bottom of her dress to cover her face. With a laugh, Ramona replied, “Yes.”


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Shady Andy then asked Ramona to name a Lady Gaga song. Ramona wasn’t wearing her “Poker Face” when she tried to come up with a title. “Um-you have me so flustered now. I can’t think!” Ramona said. “I knew it!” Andy yelled.

Andy is such a Lady Gaga fan that he had her urine made into a perfume that is on display at the club house. That is just gross.


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