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Melissa Gorga Says It “Always Hurts” When Joe Gorga Is Feuding With Niece Gia Giudice

The Season 12 premiere of the Real Housewives of New Jersey was explosive. And as always, there was plenty of family drama between Teresa Giudice, her ex-husband, Joe “Juicy” Giudice, and Teresa’s brother, Joe Gorga. Juicy was deported after serving his prison sentence, but he has stayed in the mix thanks to his feud with Joe. Juicy was not a great husband. He was a serial cheater and he didn’t give RHONJ star Teresa the respect that she deserved.

Teresa and Joe’s beloved mother, Antonia Gorga, passed away in March of 2017. Then the siblings lost their fatherGiacinto “Nonno” Gorga in April of 2020. During an episode of RHONJ last season, Joe and his wife, Melissa Gorga, fought with Teresa about how she never stood up for them when Juicy made negative comments about the couple. Then, Joe banged on the table and Melissa tossed the cheese plate. Old school Jersey in the house! Joe claimed that Juicy put their mother in an early grave. In a surprising move, Teresa took Juicy’s side.

Juicy and Joe continued to battle it out in the press. Juicy claimed that Joe and Melissa fabricated story lines for the show. Juicy also alleged that Joe stole money from his father.

Juicy called Joe “a jackass” and said that he needs to stop talking about him in front of his four daughters. Gia Giudice, who is now 21 years old, weighed in on the family drama. “My uncle Joe and aunt Melissa should not bring up my father because it’s not only disrespectful to my mom, but it’s disrespecting my sisters and I,” Gia stated. Joe admitted that he was hurt because his goddaughter, Gia, supported Juicy.

In a video clip from the next episode of RHONJ, Joe called Juicy “the devil.” Gia told her uncle, “I’m done with you being disrespectful.” Joe flipped out and called Gia’s attitude “horrendous” before storming out of the party.


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Melissa told Page Six that it “always hurts” when Joe is fighting with Gia. “I just feel bad for Joe in this situation because … it goes without saying that he dies for them,” Melissa said of Teresa’s daughters.

“He loves them so much. He has a really special place [in his heart for] her girls, especially Gia. He’s always put in a tough position because I think he’s never going to win the conversation about their father,” Melissa explained. I believe that Joe truly loves his nieces.

She continued, “They see it their father’s way, which we understand and respect. But it just always hurts Joe.” The mother of three added, “He’s put in that seat where he just has to sit back and take it because you can’t correct children about their parents because nobody wants to hear that.”


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Melissa shared that Joe still has “hard feelings” about the impact that Juicy and Teresa’s legal issues, and prison time, had on his parents. “They know how much he loved his parents,” the podcast host remarked.

Melissa said that both families are finally “in a better spot.” For now, anyway. “I just think that everyone’s just so over it now. Everyone doesn’t want to discuss all the hardships that went on the last five years with everything in our family, with my in-laws and passing away,” Melissa commented. “There’s a lot of hard feelings there, which everyone is working through.”

She stated, “But I think we’re past it now. I can honestly say, this past year, we’ve all gotten it off our chest.” Sure, Melissa. In Jersey, old feuds never die.


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