Former Real Housewives Of New Jersey Producer Carlos King Says Danielle Staub Made The Show A “Hit”

Former Real Housewives of New Jersey star Danielle Staub has had many memorable moments on the show. Of course, during Season 1, Teresa Giudice called her “a prostitution whore” and flipped a table. Even Andy Cohen acknowledged that table flip as the most jaw-dropping moment he has seen on reality TV.

During Season 2 of RHONJ, Danielle was chased through a country club by Teresa and Jacqueline Laurita’s daughter, Ashlee Malleo. Ashlee pulled Danielle’s hair, and it was nearly an international incident.

Danielle was fired after Season 2, but she returned as a Friend of the Housewives for Seasons 8-10 after making nice with Teresa. Danielle subjected the RHONJ cast to her bridezilla tantrums when she married Marty Caffrey during Season 9. The couple split two months later.

Danielle was involved in a fiery argument with Margaret Josephs, and viciously yanked her ponytail. When Danielle told Melissa Gorga that Teresa encouraged her to do it, Teresa ended her relationship with Danielle. Danielle left the franchise because she had burned all her bridges with her co-stars.

While Teresa considers herself “the GOAT” of Jersey Housewives, someone else gave Danielle props for the franchise’s success. Former RHONJ producer Carlos King told Page Six that Danielle deserves the credit for making the show a “hit.”

“If Danielle Staub was not on Season 1 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, [Teresa Giudice’s] table flip would have never happened,” he explained. Carlos continued, “[Fans were] seeing this divorcee go through this suburban world in New Jersey where she is the loner amongst a family. You had two sisters, a sister-in-law and a family friend,” he stated. “Talk about the odds being against you.”

During Season 1, Caroline Manzo and her sister, Dina Manzo, starred alongside their sister-in-law Jacqueline and their good friend, Teresa. Danielle was the outsider, forging a bond with Jacqueline.

Carlos revealed that he actually hid under the table so that he could hand Danielle the book, Cop Without a Badge. Cue the infamous table-flip. Carlos stated that the “beauty of Danielle Staub” was her independent personality.

“She stood on her own,” Carlos remarked. “Whether or not you disagree with some of her choices, what you must agree on is she is one of the reasons why that show is a hit.”

Carlos shared that Danielle is one of his picks for “10 Greatest Housewives of All Time.” Carlos is going to list his choices on his Reality with the King podcast, but he did share two more of his favorites.

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Ramona Singer of Real Housewives of New York made the cut. “At the end of the day, Ramona is fantastic television. She is delusional in a good way,” Carlos shared. That’s one way to put it. “She is a walking … sitcom. The things she does are so wacky that she’s meant to be on reality television. She is a professional reality star and [Real Housewives] Ultimate Girls Trip solidified that,” he added.

Carlos also chose Real Housewives of Potomac star Gizelle Bryant. In fact, he called her the “unofficial producer” of RHOP. He said, “She knows how to ignite a conversation and she knows how to make the story track. Gizelle does that better that everybody on that particular franchise,” Carlos commented. “And the reason why she’s on the list is because without her, Potomac would not be as great as it is today.”

Carlos dubbed Gizelle, Ramona, and Danielle the “architects” of their franchises. “Among 139 Real Housewives, these women are legendary. But if your Housewife did not make it, it does not mean they’re not great,” Carlos commented. “I’m only talking about top 10!”

Did Teresa make the coveted list? Her temper is probably simmering right now at the thought of Danielle getting credit for making “her” show a hit.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]