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Teddi Mellencamp Questions Garcelle Beauvais’ Concern About Erika Jayne’s Drinking; Wonders If Garcelle Is “Reaching Out Off Camera”

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Erika Jayne is driving the struggle bus again this season. Erika was served with papers for a $50 million racketeering lawsuit against her, to add to her other legal woes.

At Garcelle Beauvais’ birthday party, a drunken Erika flirted with Garcelle’s eldest son, Oliver Saunders. Erika even propositioned him for a threesome with his wife. I was cringing at home.

When Garcelle’s 14-year-old son, Jax, tried to grab some flowers from a nearby table for his mother, Erika yelled, “Get the fuck out of here.” Isn’t Erika charming?

Erika’s lit behavior continued at RHOBH co-star Diana Jenkins’ Christmas party. Poor Crystal Kung Minkoff, who has been very open and vulnerable about her struggle with an eating disorder, was subjected to Erika’s inappropriate behavior.

Erika told Crystal that using laxatives would be helpful and told her that she couldn’t have a piece of chicken that was brought over by a waiter. Yikes!

The pop star shared that she was drinking while taking medication. “I mixed alcohol and antidepressants, which I didn’t know that it would make you this drunk and it did,” Erika stated.

She apologized to Garcelle. Some people, namely Garcelle’s bestie Sutton Stracke, felt that Erika got off easy. I agree.

Still, Garcelle mentioned Erika’s drunken behavior to Kyle Richards and Sheree Zampino because she saw a pattern. Garcelle wondered if Erika was heading down the road toward becoming an alcoholic. Kyle defended Erika.

After Diana’s holiday party, Erika hit her head at home. That is not good at all. Garcelle commented that Erika needs “to figure out” her drinking while taking the medication.

According to heavy., RHOBH alum Teddi Mellencamp addressed the situation with her co-host Tamra Judge on their Two Ts In A Pod podcast. Teddi was a member of Fox Force Five, so she sided with Erika.

“If somebody is truly concerned for somebody’s amount of drinking, is she reaching out off camera? Is she being there for her as a friend?” Teddi asked. That is a good point.

Tamra had a different read on the situation. She said that “Garcelle is doing her job.”

“If we were filming together and you were drinking a lot and I had to come to you and say, ‘you’re an alcoholic’ — but first I would go behind your back and tell all the girls that you have a drinking problem,” Tamra remarked. And that is why Tamra is headed back to Real Housewives of Orange County, ladies and gentlemen!

Teddi missed the humor and replied that Erika’s RHOBH co-stars would check on her if they were concerned. “But if you weren’t checking up on me and being like, how are you doing and making an effort, then I would be like you don’t actually really even care if I’m an alcoholic,” Teddi stated. “You’re just trying to stir it.”

Tamra agreed with Teddi about Garcelle’s word choice. “Those are big words — diagnosing someone with a disease or whatever like you shouldn’t do that,” Tamra remarked.

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Erika addressed her boozy behavior at Diana’s Christmas party on the RHOBH: After Show. Erika explained, “It’s Christmas, and everyone’s celebrating, and everybody has family and I’m standing here like the f*** do I have, so except a good time so that’s what I did.”

Garcelle is eager to see Erika at the upcoming reunion. Garcelle was upset when Erika labeled Sutton “a liability” in their friend group. She also suggested that Garcelle runs to clean up all of Sutton’s messes.

Garcelle hit up Twitter to express her feelings. “Bring on the reunion!!!! Sick of this BS,” Garcelle said.


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