My Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Dream Cast

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is an institution on Bravo. It’s one of those shows, that no matter how boring or contrived it gets people will watch because it has history. That being said, RHOBH needs a major revamp. The only way forward for the show is to destroy the Lisa Rinna, Kyle Richards, Erika Girardi, and Dorit Kemsley alliance. The blind allegiance they have to each other has ruined the show for me. So, here’s my list of people who need to come on RHOBH and shake this foursome to its core!

1. Lisa Vanderpump

The crown is heavy darling and literally no one has been able to wear it the way Lisa Vanderpump did. Other than Garcelle Beauvais, that is! Did I want LVP to take a break from RHOBH? Yeah, of course. But it’s time for her to return. She can partner up with Garcelle and put some fear into Kyle and Dorit.

2. Denise Richards

Now that Denise Richards knows the score and just how dirty Rinna is willing to get, it’s time for her return. She deserves justice for the ridiculous pile on she experienced during Season 10. All I want is to see Rinna cowering to Denise for going after her so harshly. Plus, Rinna can only stand up to one person at a time. If LVP and Denise  both come back, Rinna would leave!

3. Camille Donatacci Meyer

After Season 1, Camille Meyer became the most hated housewife of all time. But after that, she rose up like a goddess from the ash and has consistently made the best cameos on RHOBH in more current seasons. Camille, as we all know, is not afraid of Kyle. Actually, she’s not afraid of Dorit, Rinna, or Erika either. Bring her back Bravo!

4. Lala Kent

Zero people will agree with me on this, but Lala Kent can bring it on RHOBH. For one thing, she’s a veteran reality star, trained by queen LVP herself. Second, she’s tired on Vanderpump Rules. Get her with a new crowd, and she can make magic happen. It would be so interesting to see if she tries to fit in with the mean girls on RHOBH, (which is what she did on VPR), or if she’d stay loyal to LVP. I want this to happen so bad.

5. Allison Dubois

In the dinner party from hell we learned that Mauricio Umansky will never emotionally fulfill Kyle. We need this e-cigarette smoking vixen back on our screens to finally take Kyle down a bunch of pegs. Kyle has consistently sold her relationship with her sisters for drama, and has constantly come out looking like the innocent victim. It’s time for Kyle to be exposed for having the same traits she accuses LVP, Kim Richards, and Kathy Hilton of having. Bring Allison Dubois on, and Goodbyeee Kyylle!


[Photo Credit: Isabella Vosmikova/Bravo]