Luis Ruelas’ Ex-Wife Marisa Dimartino Ruelas Speaks Out About Her Relationship With Teresa Giudice

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Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice and Luis “Louie” Ruelas were married on August 6, 2022. There are a few moments that stand out about this wedding.

Teresa’s elaborate sky-high wedding hairstyle caused a frenzy among fans. It cost $10,000 and used 1,500 bobby pins. Teresa was thrilled that Andy Cohen applauded the look.

Teresa’s brother, Joe Gorga, and his wife, Melissa Gorga, skipped the event after a blow-up at the RHONJ finale taping just days earlier.

And Louie spoke to Teresa’s ex-husband, “Juicy” Joe Giudice on the day of the wedding. Louie wanted to tell him that, “I’m committed to his daughters and committed to Teresa,” he remarked.

But rumors about Louie’s alleged issues with his exes have followed him. Vanessa Reiser, Louie’s ex-fiancée, filed a lawsuit claiming that he “demanded that I be available for sex whenever he wanted.” The lawsuit was “settled outside of court for undisclosed terms.”

There are also other disturbing allegations. In 2012, Louie’s wife at the time, Marisa Dimartino Ruelas, alleged that Louie pushed her against a metal pole during a “heated argument.” Marisa declined to press charges against Louie. The couple continued to have problems while co-parenting after their divorce.

Now Marisa is speaking out about how she feels about Teresa. Marisa told Page Six, “She’s very nice.” The mother of two added that Teresa “couldn’t have been more accommodating and respectful.”

Teresa and Marisa met twice before the New Jersey royal wedding, but the two women spent an extended amount of time together recently. The family gathered to celebrate Louie and Marisa’s son Louie’s birthday in Atlantic City, New Jersey. “Everything was cordial,” Marisa stated. She noted that she didn’t speak very much with her ex but did talk to Teresa.

“[Teresa] told me that she loves [my kids] just like they were her own. My son, he really had nothing but good things to say about her as well,” Marisa remarked.

Two moments during the celebration were memorable for Marisa. During the cake-cutting, Teresa suggested to Marisa, “Why don’t you go and stand behind your son?” She felt that was “really nice.”

Teresa’s RHONJ co-star and bestie Jennifer Aydin was also present at the festivities. Marisa noted that she was also “very nice.” Both ladies asked Marisa if she was fine with being in the background of the videos that they posted to social media.

Marisa explained that her relationship with Louie started to improve about a year and a half ago. Marisa stated, “When it comes to Luis and I, we just basically talk to each other when we have to co-parent. It’s not like we talk to each other every day or go to dinner every day.” She added, “It’s just about the kids.”

While Marisa didn’t feel comfortable with her sons appearing on RHONJ, she believes that Louie is “coming around to show a different side” and show what their new lives are like. She continued, “Once they got married, I thought, ‘This woman is a part of my children’s lives.’ I can’t be totally out of the picture, you know, it’s not right for my children,” Marisa stated. “I’m doing this only for my children.” So, how long until a new family feud erupts?

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Marisa has “no” desire to be on RHONJ but would “possibly” think about it if a family event was being filmed. “My relationship is just with their immediate family, which is the kids,” she said.

Marisa’s son Louie lives with his father, Teresa, and her daughters. Marisa and her ex-husband’s younger son Nicholas, who is autistic, lives with Marisa. The couple shares joint guardianship of Nicholas.

Marisa thinks that her ex and Teresa are a “good match” because they have “very similar personalities.” She noted another common trait. “They are very high-energy and both like the limelight, which is OK,” Marisa said. “I don’t.”

Teresa told Page Six, “Marisa is an amazing mother and I have really enjoyed getting to know her and look forward to spending more time with her. She is very old school like me, and I love that,” the RHONJ star added.


[Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo]