Braunwyn Windham-Burke

Braunwyn Windham-Burke Shares First Christmas As A Single Mom In Instagram Post; Implies Sean Burke Is “Toxic” And “Controlling”

No one ever said the holidays are easy and the “happiest time of the year” can be viewed as a lonely and exhausting experience for some people. If you have suffered a recent loss or have certain disagreements with family members that find you on an island by yourself, the season of giving can seem more like the season of suck.

Former star of Real Housewives of Orange County, Braunwyn Windham-Burke can relate. This is the first time she is going through Christmas, et al, as a single mom. We are all familiar with the challenges Braunwyn faced since her time on RHOC, but now she’s trying to clear another hurdle and it’s called real life.

On Christmas Eve, Braunwyn took to Instagram to reach out to her followers and share some of the trials and tribulations she is dealing with during this time of joy and mirth. Spoiler alert: she isn’t having fun at all.

In a video with the caption, “PSA, the holidays are magical, but don’t let Instagram fool you, they’re also really hard #realtalk #wegotthis #itdokaytonotbeokay #momlife #coparenting.” Braunwyn looked extremely tired and began to share her plight to fellow single moms of the world.

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Braunwyn said, “The first Christmas as a single mom is hard. Being sober is hard.” As a single mother myself, I have nothing but empathy for anyone going through difficult times as a result of a family breaking up. It’s also easy to understand Braunwyn’s sobriety might be challenged when she faces adverse situations. Props to anyone staying the course.

Then Braunwyn added, “Co-parenting in a very controlling and toxic environment is hard.” Excuse me, ma’am? Is she referring to Sean Burke, the statement necklace king of Orange County? The man who stood by and supported his wife while she came out as a lesbian and was admittedly drunk any time she wasn’t pregnant? Would the “toxic environment” she is speaking of be in any way similar to the “toxic environment” Sean endured when she confessed she HITTING HIM in front of their children?

Or was it the toxic environment when Sean learned Braunwyn was never attracted to him. Or was it the other toxic environment when Braunwyn began to date women and basically refused to divorce Sean. How did that whole “modern marriage” thing work out anyway? Is Sean now considered toxic and controlling because he has a financial limit on how much he wants to provide to her each month?

“I’m doing this all for my kids, I’m not doing this for Instagram,” Braunwyn continued, as she immediately shared it to, you guessed it, Instagram. “I am doing everything I can as a mom to make sure they [the children] have a wonderful day.” I’m sure she is, but what about the other 364 days a year?

Braunwyn has been in the news lately because real life woke up and gave her a good shake, but she deserves support as she navigates yet another journey. I’m not sure low key attacking the man who appeared to do everything possible to assist the mother of his kids while financing her entire life should be the object of her anger. If your quest is leading you to independence and freedom, surely acquiring a suitable form of income not associated with your ex-husband is a reasonable thought.

Hopefully Braunwyn’s kids had a nice holiday, despite the new hurdles they face as they maneuver new ways to operate as a family unit. And maybe Santa left Braunwyn some tools on how not to burn the last bridge standing.


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