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Here’s What You Might Have Missed On Social Media This Week

This week on social media, the Real Housewives gave us a little bit of everything. There are your usual attempted thirst traps and staged photos from the ladies. But it also seems as though everyone is taking a vacation. Having just come back from one, I understand the need to get away. And if you didn’t post it all over social media, did it even happen? Note to self – make sure to post a pic of me at the pool saying “take me back” in exactly 4 weeks time.

But back to the housewives. We also have some sponcon and words of wisdom that aren’t from Joe Gorga’s inspirational quotes factory on Instagram. Let’s jump in and see what you missed this week on social media.

Vicki Gunvalson Finally Gets Around To Bladder Control

One core memory from Real Housewives of Orange County is Tamra Judge’s bachelorette party in Mexico. The housewives fought incessantly about who has planning what but Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra simply focused on the fun. So much so that at the end of a night of drinking, Vicki laughed so hard that she left a pee spot on Tamra’s hotel bed. It happens and hey, it’s totally normal. If you haven’t peed a little when during a deep laugh or cough, consider yourself lucky.

But just shy of 10 years later, Vicki is using her Instagram to spread the word about how to get those leaks under control. She posted a sponcon for a product that is supposed to do Kegel exercises for you. Vicki ended her post #letspeehonest. To which I say, #peetruetoyourself.

Kyle Richards Expands Her Carbon Footprint

If it’s one thing Real Housewives of Beverly Hills OG Kyle Richards loves, it’s a private plane. Despite her past theatrics about being scared to fly, she recently posted a picture of herself looking very chill with her pals on a private jet. Looks like they are heading to Mexico for someone’s birthday. They all have monogrammed woven bags with their initials on it and Kyle’s has a “birthday girl” headband hanging from hers.

Kyle’s birthday was nearly two weeks ago, and the only reason I know this is because former castmate Taylor Armstrong made a loving happy birthday post in honor of Kyle. To which Kyle has not commented on or even liked to this day. LOL forever. And yes, Taylor did tag Kyle in it.

Anyway, the unofficial Agency baseball cap ambassador captioned her post with a very original “Hasta la vista baby.” Oh and guess who is parked on a seat right next to Kyle with her own monogrammed bag? Your favorite accountability coach that you would never want to be accountable to, Teddi Mellencamp. Well, there goes the fun of eating cake on your birthday.

Erika Jayne Stashed Lisa Rinna In Her Luggage

Despite her firing, we cannot seem to escape Lisa Rinna. And I guess her bestie Erika Jayne doesn’t want to. Erika posted a series of photos on Instagram of the two at a swanky Parisian dining establishment in Paris. She captioned it in French but the translation is “secrets travel fast to Paris.” Well, maybe Instagram’s translation is a bit off. Or Erika is just truly committed to being vaguely annoying about anything she does on social media. It doesn’t even make sense really. I’m going with the latter.

In the photo, Erika is wearing a beret, which is too on the nose for someone who fancies herself as a fashion maven. Rinna is wearing her signature fugly sunglasses (indoors, mind you) and the two pose with cocktails and stone faces. I did some detective work and save for Sutton Stracke, no one else on the cast has posted anything alluding to being in Paris. In fairness, I don’t think they are missing anything. Well, unless you’re former castmate Diana Jenkins, who commented on the post “sooooo jealous.” *Insert Jealous of what? You’re ugly leather pants? gif*.

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Melissa Gorga Can Post Inspirational Quotes Too

If you follow Melissa Gorga on social media, I must first know why. As a Housewives Writer Girl, I am contractually obligated to follow such nonsense. And share the details with you, likely against your will. But this week, the Real Housewives of New Jersey star decided to cosplay a sexy Pink Panther and take a page out of her husband’s book to motivate those who have never dared to take professional photos in a fuchsia velvet jumpsuit. Her Instagram post reads,  “Always put your best foot forward. You never know where your next step might lead you.” Clearly it doesn’t lead you to attend your sister-in-law’s wedding.

Newly cast housewife/possible free marble and tile benefactor Rachel Fuda clearly liked what she saw. She commented, “That booty girl [clapping emojis] so good! [heart eyes emoji].” The rest of the comments are a mix between Melissa love and Melissa hate. But my favorite one was posted by the envy By Melissa Gorga account. Melissa Whoever runs social media used the hashtag boss babe unironically and I still haven’t recovered.

Candy Gal Just Wants Love

On to more inspirational content. Real Housewives of Potomac and Confessional Read Queen Candiace Dillard Bassett took time out of recording her 11th remix of Deep Space to tweet some truths. She’s come a long way from her being a disaster on social media and this tweet is just one example. Candiace wrote, “Most people just want to be loved. I see it everyday. Others desperately need love and don’t know it. I see that daily as well. My grace isn’t as sufficient as His but it’s something!” Godly, insightful and devoid of shade (I think?), Candiace is in her best season yet. Instead of fighting her way through everyone, she’s taken the high road more than a few times. But make no mistake, if you look like you belong on Sesame Street, she will make it known. Elmo could never!

[Photo Credit: Paras Griffin/Getty Images]