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Lisa Vanderpump Gives Fans Hope For A Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Return

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is (hopefully) about to get a whole lot less toxic. After a disastrous Season 12, Lisa Rinna has finally let the diamond go from her bitter hands. Rinna’s behavior on the show got dark in her crusade of trying to make people “own it.” She wasn’t even nice to her own friends aside from Erika Jayne for some unknown reason. Her antics in the early days were fun, but they reached new levels of nasty more recently.

Rinna leaving RHOBH was exactly what the doctor ordered. Now, ahead of Season 13, fans are beginning to speculate who will make up the cast. Some people hope that now that Rinna is finally gone, one of her old enemies will make a return to the cast.

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Since Rinna’s announcement, Lisa Vanderpump has been having a little fun with the downfall of her former co-star. LVP is a shady Brit forever, so why would that change when she’s watching the demise of Rinna? Some fans have been wondering if Rinna’s exit could mean that LVP would consider returning to the show. Now, according to Reality Blurb!she’s teasing fans even more.

Fans have been flooding Lisa Vanderpump’s mentions on Twitter about a potential return. There have been rumors swirling that Brandi Glanville might make a comeback, but LVP would just be an even bigger surprise. Sure, we get a glimpse of her on Vanderpump Rules, but she’s totally in her element on Real Housewives. Anyway, one fan tweeted at LVP and asked her to return to the show. Lisa didn’t give any indication one way or another, instead, opting to respond to the fan with some cryptic emojis. Lisa tweeted back a pink heart and a prayer hands emoji. WHAT DOES IT MEAN?

Another fan tweeted at Lisa that they will hold onto the glimmer of hope they have left that LVP will rightfully return to her RHOBH throne. In response, Lisa tweeted another pink heart to keep us all guessing. LVP’s return would be epic if it comes true. She and Kyle Richards would be forced to confront their friendship-ending issues. Plus, she’d go back at poking fun at Dorit Kemsley and co., which is always amusing. We’ll have to wait and see if LVP is just playing a prank on us or being serious, but I, for one, will hope for the latter.


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