Michael Darby

Michael Darby Sues Real Housewives Of Potomac Star Candiace Dillard Over Claims He Had Oral Sex With A Man

What in the world is happening with the Real Housewives of Potomac? Ashley Darby, come get this man you are still married to because he just picked the wrong one to mess with. Ashley’s estranged husband Michael Darby is one of the most polarizing husbands on the Real Housewives franchise. And that sentence is an understatement.

Ashley and Michael’s relationship has been featured on the show since the first season. Their unconventional marriage eventually lead to two children and an impending divorce. Michael’s appearances on RHOP have been marred by rumors of infidelity and speculations of unwanted touching.

Viewers won’t be seeing much of Michael on camera anymore, and for that we are grateful. Michael’s presence impacted other people’s opinion of Ashley and she was frequently defending him to her co-stars. Speaking of Ashley’s co-stars, Michael’s ALLEGED antics were a recurring topic amongst the cast. They freely shared opinions which were largely unfavorable.

Ashley’s nemesis Candiace Dillard is never at a loss for words or a butter knife. Her mouth has often gotten her in trouble, but so far the only thing that’s suffered is her weave. Candiace shared a fair amount of negative comments about Michael, along with half of the United States. Now it appears Candy’s wicked tongue might not be getting her dragged across a winery, but she is getting dragged into court.

According to Page Six, Michael is suing Candiace. He filed a defamation suit after Candiace said Michael played bob on the knob with another man. In an episode of RHOP that aired back in November 2022, Candiace said Michael ALLEGEDLY “likes to leave [Ashley] and go to a man named [censored]’s house and suck his d–k.”

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Candiace also implied Michael pays for physical attention in the downtown area in return for a financial sum. Michael’s suit states he reportedly sent a cease-and-desist to Candiace earlier this year, but she hasn’t made a move to retract her words. He is trying to get a payout of $2 million in damages from Candiace’s mom and apparently Michael wants to be the next Jim Bellino, which tracks.

It’s worth noting that in previous cases of this nature, it is not defamatory to “describe someone is gay.” Candiace should sue Michael for attending her concert in the Bahamas and trying to intimidate her. Or Michael should sue himself for getting caught in a cheap hotel room after messing around on his wife. ALLEGEDLY.

Candiace has never been fond of Ashley or Michael. But Ashley went ahead and intensified that when she accused Chris Bassett of sending sketchy DMs and flirting with her friend. Poor Chris is still searching for whatever curse was placed on him prior to the beginning of this season.

Back in the old days of May 2019, Robyn Dixon alleged Michael told another man he would “suck his d*ck” after a very swinging party. Is Robyn also going to be sued? Season 4, episode 3 for anyone wanting to review the evidence see for themselves.

Hopefully, Candy lawyers up and starts getting her hands on some unseen Bravo footage. This suit sounds like a waste of time and an attempt to waste Candiace’s money. If it gets serious enough, witnesses could be called in to speak. We might not know where Juan Dixon is right at this moment, but maybe Robyn’s roommate will show up in court.


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo ]