Braunwyn Windham-Burke

Real Housewives Of Orange County Alum Braunwyn Windham-Burke Filed For Divorce From Sean Burke After He Allegedly “Emptied” Their Bank Accounts

Is this another attempt at making Braunwyn Windham-Burke look like a victim? Again, for the record, I truly tried to show support for Braunwyn when she had visible signs of struggle on Real Housewives of Orange County. It was heartbreaking to watch her literally detox from alcohol on camera when she probably should have been doing so under supervised medical personnel.

Ultimately Braunwyn’s brave realization that she was an alcoholic coincided with Braunwyn’s realization she is a lesbian in a heterosexual marriage. After a lot of troubling footage, instead of taking time away from television, Braunwyn was pretty much “removed” from television.

But it looks like she desperately wants to stay in the limelight because Braunwyn tends to overshare and document her life on social media. Since leaving RHOC and beginning her journey into Sapphic relations, estranged husband Sean Burke has publicly backed her every step of the way. By all accounts, he remained a consistent presence in the lives of their children while Braunwyn was out and about traveling the US with whomever she was dating.

According to Braunwyn, she “hit her breaking point” last year, and apparently, so did Sean. Page Six reports the reason Braunie filed for divorce was that Sean “emptied” their joint financial accounts. She said, “It’s the reason I did file for divorce. When you’re still legally married, there’s not a lot to protect you.” Was anyone protecting Sean from Braunwyn?

She continued, “So Sean had emptied out our joint bank accounts unbeknownst to me. Literally, one day I woke up and I had no access to any of my cards or any money. And that was why I filed for divorce.” For the kids in the back – it looks like Braunwyn ended her marriage, not because she is a lesbian who isn’t attracted to men, but because Sean cut her money off.

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Who wants to hear from the King of statement necklaces? I do! Sean’s response was, “Any funds that were moved were used to pay family bills.” Braunwyn may or may not know that having seven children is an extremely expensive lifestyle, so Sean’s response could be valid. The former couple is hoping to finalize all of the details in the near future.

Currently, the divorce is kind of in limbo until both parties reach an agreement on child custody and spousal support. In the interim Brauwyn said caring for the kids has been difficult because she is working to establish financial independence.

In her best woe-as-me moment, Braunwyn shared this gem, “I had a pretty cushy thing going and now it’s not. My life is hard.” Ma’am have you lost your ever-loving mind? What a literal insult to single mothers who bust their asses to put food on the table for kids without complaining.

“As of right now, if he doesn’t send me money — because legally he’s not required to — then I can’t buy food or groceries and my parents have been supporting me.” Golly, I’m sitting here not able to summon even an ounce of sympathy. GET. A. JOB. “He sends very little. I have five kids still at home that I’m taking care of and he doesn’t send enough to cover groceries,” Braunwyn added. Also, hasn’t she been traveling basically since she left Sean? Was she worried about feeding the kids then?

It’s okay guys, you can dry your tears because Braunwyn’s girlfriend is helping her out. Jennifer Spinner is now being dragged down by problems that are not hers to begin with. Sounds like her wallet isn’t as big as Sean’s because Braunie misses the fancy life really bad.

“So much of my life was about material things. Huge parties, expensive trips, shopping. I’ve lost all of that. When I walked away from my 20-plus-year marriage, I gave all of that up. And I never would’ve thought that I would be so happy with so little,” she says. But… but… the entire point of the interview she’s giving is literally being unhappy because she doesn’t have as much money.

Thank goodness for Jen who is hanging in there. “I look at Jen and I see this future and I see the person next to me and it’s all worth it and it’s not the life that I thought I was going to have. It’s so different but it’s so beautiful.” Yeah, what a great compliment. RUN JENNY RUN. In a shocking moment, Braunwyn confesses to something absolutely unthinkable. Working.

To make money, Braunie does paid social media campaigns and works for her stepfather. To my knowledge he is a surgeon, so Braunwyn isn’t digging ditches at Burning Man. Yet. And yes, people have been hounding her to make an executive decision and get employed.

“A lot of people are like, ‘Get a job, get a job,’ OK, yes. And I have … My [stepdad] has actually given me a real job. I have gone back to work. But just because I’m working to help take care of the kids doesn’t mean that Sean shouldn’t have to also.” Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Saint Braunwyn of the Poor.

Looks like Braunwyn found another moment to bash the guy that supported her for 20 years. “I am very much looking forward to when the courts say, ‘OK, yes, you guys are separated but you [Sean] still have to do X, Y, and Z for your kids.” But I bet she won’t love the moment when Sean’s attorney says, “Your Honor, allow me to present Exhibit A…”

Regardless of what happens, Braunwyn will keep a smile on her face. “My nickname growing up was … Pollyanna. I can always find the bright side in something and I think that might be hard for [Sean],” she confessed. That’s so sweet and wholesome. I bet Sean has a whole new nickname for her now.


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