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Real Housewives Of New Jersey Season 13 Episode 11: Jennifer Aydin Is The New Merriam Webster

The Real Housewives of New Jersey may have celebrated the final stretch before Teresa Giudice’s wedding in Ireland, but the vacation wasn’t all peace, love, and Guinness chugging. We knew that Tre’s relationship with Joe Gorga and Melissa Gorga was on the fringes prior to her nuptials with Luis Ruelas. Tre’s only brother didn’t show up for her wedding and, unfortunately, the writing was all over the “creepy” walls of the Irish castle, as MelGo put it.

The latest RHONJ episode, “I Smell A Rat,” also featured some merry-go-round fighting among the newbies Rachel Fuda and Danielle Cabral. Thankfully, a messy and misunderstood moment of comedic relief from Jennifer Aydin threw us off that ride. Here are the five main takeaways from RHONJ Season 13 Episode 11.

The Calm Before The Guinness Storm

The episode picked up with the RHONJ ladies taking on Tre’s bachelorette party pub crawl in the streets of Dublin. After Jennifer Fessler’s brief face plant on the cobblestone, the ladies hit the pub to challenge the locals to Guinness chugging contests. Previous enemies like MelGo and Jennifer Aydin or Rachel and Danielle bonded over a night of drunken debauchery. It was a nice reprieve from what’s bound to be a tense rest of the season thanks to Tre’s problems with her family. It was nice to see Fessler with beer foam all over her shirt and an open-mouthed Danielle passed out in the Sprinter van on the way home. It’s what Real Housewives was meant to be.

From Coffee Talk To Rat Chat

The camaraderie quickly ended the following morning when the ladies gathered in their castle for breakfast. Rachel and Danielle are forced to rehash their problems when MelGo turned coffee talk into rat chat. She tells Rachel that Danielle called her a rat. The Jersey ladies were more offended than if she said the C-word — seriously, Dolores Catania said it was worse.

Dolo has to break up the fight to get the ladies to move on with the day, but the two continue to bicker for the remainder of the episode. “The same thing has been said 50 times and you all ruined another Irish meal,” Dolores said in defeat. Margaret Josephs seemed to be slightly pleased that she was involved with the drama without having to utilize her arsenal of tea. However, Danielle is keeping one eye open after the MelGo makeout bomb was dropped last week and maybe she should be.

Dolores Has Irish Wedding Fever

The ladies took a moment to appreciate that the only reason they were really in Ireland is a result of Dolores and Paul Connell’s love story. Dolo got real during one of the many Sprinter van rides about the infidelity she dealt with when married to Frank Catania. She revealed she was willing to stay with Frank if he promised to be faithful. When he couldn’t, she moved on, never looked back, and appreciates her growth as a result.

Later on, the ladies mutually agreed that they wouldn’t mind seeing Dolores up next to walk down the aisle after Teresa. She got visibly giddy during the conversation which was a nice change from the Paterson Dolores we’ve seen for so many seasons. “This is a very happy time in my life,” she proclaimed. Dolo even admitted that she’s discussed rings with Paul to her friends’ delight, as well as mine.

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Joe And Melissa Predict The Future

Tre and Melissa had another blow-out fight which was a tell-tale sign of what was to come. It’s on yet ANOTHER drive when Rachel asked Tre if her kids are close with the Gorgas’ children. “Well they were and Antonia [Gorga] didn’t come,” Tre said with a shaky voice, referencing Milania Giudice’s Sweet 16 party. MelGo cut her off and went all Caroline Manzo by saying not to bring up her family. Tre deflected that she wasn’t saying anything bad and wanted the kids to be close, but it was the last straw for Melissa. MelGo even said it would “help” if Tre had included her in her wedding as an example of closeness for the kids. Burn baby burn.

Later on, Melissa called Tarzan fuming about the fight. MelGo reiterated that she was done and refused to be complicit in “pulling the next generation” into this decades-long feud. Melissa predicted her future by telling her husband that she wasn’t sure that they “belong” at the wedding. Joe responded back with a conspiracy that Tre wanted to push them to skip the wedding and make them look bad. Tre’s potentially questionable motives aside, Joe hit the nail on the head.

Jennifer Aydin Is The New Merriam Webster

As always, Jennifer Aydin and Margaret couldn’t help but poke at one another on the trip. Marge showed up to the rat chat wearing a shirt that read “endorsed” in bold letters across her chest. Jennifer didn’t think it was funny, but clearly, it gave her the idea for a later attack on her frenemy.

The two get involved at the end of the episode during Rachel and Danielle’s never-ending back and forth. Marge actually owned up to calling Jennifer a drug addict and apologized. She refused to take back that she was disheveled, but it was the right move. Jennifer decided to ignore the apology and mock Marge for using big words. “How about boogawolf, you know what that means?” Jennifer shouted. Literally, no one had any idea what the term meant. MelGo asked Siri who revealed it meant an ugly or nasty person. Fessler totally called it — Jennifer was pouring over the dictionary to find the perfect insult to pull on Marge. Hey, Jackie Goldschneider, who is Miss Merriam Webster now?


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