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Vanderpump Rules Season 10 Episode 13 Recap: It’s Just Like Animal Crossing

Welcome back to the American classic, Vanderpump Rules. The gang is going glamping for Raquel Leviss’ birthday. Her first gift is yet another creepy moment from Tom Sandoval. He continues his weird “open relationship” joke thing we saw last week with Scheana Shay. This time with a mother figure. Did anyone notice him inviting Lisa Vanderpump into his bed during his drive out to the glamp-site? This is officially his Patrick Meagher era. 

So basically we start this week off with turkeys and sloppy hogs. But instead of being at a high-end dive bar, we’re at a farm. Let’s dive in. 

Raquel’s golden nugget moment

VANDERPUMP RULES — Pictured: (l-r) Raquel Leviss, Ariana Madix, Scheana Shay — (Photo by: Nicole Weingart/Bravo)

For some reason, Bravo handed Ken Todd the Scandoval baton. There is a flashback scene of Ken shuffling through the kitchen. He was mumbling the hot goss about Raquel and Sandoval’s jacuzzi, and then he tumble-weeds his dusty self right out of there. Ken got the news from Lisa, who reports that Raquel came in to work looking like hot trash after the sleepover. 

Rachel claimed that she drank too much and it was just easier to sleep over at Tom’s house. Lisa called Sandoval to check, and he tries to lie by omission saying she “dipped out”. 

Meanwhile, James Kennedy and Lala Kent are talking about the Raquel and Tom rumors. James already spoke to Tom about it. We are given a flashback of Tom telling James that Raquel was drunk and dipped out to his room … wait no … he meant the guest room. Definitely the guest room. 

Gone glamping

VANDERPUMP RULES — Pictured: (l-r) Raquel Leviss, Scheana Shay — (Photo by: Casey Durkin/Bravo)

Raquel celebrated turning 28 by telling Ariana Madix about her sleepover with the Toms. Ariana is completely chill and trusting about it all. Who cares that her partner skipped her grandma’s funeral to prune with Bambi? 

After that convo, Ariana joined Scheana in a tent to talk about Tom and his recent instability. Scheana gave Ari the story about him yelling at Katie Maloney on beach day. She also talked about the open relationship rumors. Ariana denied the rumors and was adamant that Raquel is her friend. She’s been a “delight” since the day Ariana met her, apparently. Bless her complete lack of trust issues. 

Role model behavior

VANDERPUMP RULES — Pictured: Raquel Leviss — (Photo by: Nicole Weingart/Bravo)

The birthday crew is seated for dinner, and it’s time to celebrate Raquel. She gives a little speech about how hard it was to break up with James, but that she’s so happy she has all her friends now. 

Sandoval is so inspired by Raquel’s single-girl pride that he goes full woo-girl. He was literally orangutan-bashing his white-out-clad mitts against the table. He is so proud of her. Quickly, Schwartz distracts from the passionate moment by inviting Rachel on a friendship date. Later, Tom Sandoval hands Raquel a pair of vintage Versace glasses as her gift. She redirects by asking Schwartz for a kiss. It’s all happening!

Raquel also admits she no longer dreams of being a pediatric occupational therapist. She doesn’t have to be a role model for young girls in wigs and kitten heels anymore. Such a relief. The world is her oyster. And Ariana agrees.

Kristina Kelly is still here

VANDERPUMP RULES — Pictured: (l-r) Peter Madrigal, Kristina Kelly, Tom Schwartz, Raquel Leviss — (Photo by: Casey Durkin/Bravo)

Everyone must be so sick of filming at that strip mall bar. So here we are. At a Kristina Kelly event. She’s hawking us skincare and more Katie content. Katie arrives with her mom, and Schwartz is upset they’re giving him the cold shoulder. He put on a shirt for this.

Ariana, Raquel, and Tom showed up together. No doubt to depict an image of trust. Ariana asks Katie to talk, and she confronts her on the open relationship comments. Ariana shared that she doesn’t want to go into business with anyone talking about her and that Raquel is her trusted friend. Katie assured Ariana that she doesn’t think she is in an open relationship, says she loves her, and they move on. There’s just something about them. I’m rooting for this friendship.

Tom’s (second) bulldozer moment

VANDERPUMP RULES — Pictured: Tom Sandoval — (Photo by: Casey Durkin/Bravo)

Or is it his third after he offered to make poor Charlotte wait for Ariana while dying at the vet’s office? He’s a monster. I digress. 

After defending Tom to Katie, Ariana was pulled aside by Lala. Lala told Ariana that the day her grandmother died, Tom, Lala, and Raquel were at a barbecue. When Ariana called Tom to come home, Tom lied to her and said that his ride had left. He spent two more hours at the party. In reality, he wanted to spend more time with Raquel. 

When confronted about this by Ariana and Lala, Tom mumbles some garbage about how he thought Ariana would want to be alone. Ariana wipes the excess gloss off his lip, and says she doesn’t care. Only Lala cares. But it sort of seems like Ariana cares. In her confessional, she admits she looks like an idiot if she’s stanning Tom when he doesn’t stan her.