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It has been a rough ride for Stassi Schroeder on Vanderpump Rules. She went from the undisputed queen of the show (and birthdays) to leaving and returning to grovel for the cast’s forgiveness. Now that Stassi is back in the fold, she has a lot to say about the cast.

On a recent podcast, Stassi opened up about being friends with ex boyfriend Jax Taylor’s live-in girlfriend Brittany Cartwright, updated fans on the status of her relationship with Lisa Vanderpump, shared anecdotes about couples Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix and Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz, and just like every other Pump Rules cast member, took an opportunity to hate on outcasts LaLa Kent and James Kennedy.


Even with her little hiatus, Stassi has been a part of the reality TV world for a while at this point. When asked if she takes things the cast says personally on the Betch Slapped podcast, Stassi said, “Not when I watch things back, no.”

Still, Stassi explained that there is something that does offend her when it comes to her cast mates sharing their opinions, “What I do take personally now is when people go on somebody else’s podcast or they’re doing press and they’re shit talking.”

What’s the difference between that and all of them making fun of each other during the Pump Rules on-camera interviews? According to Stassi, “We were all about making a good show and now you’re going out of your way to be really nasty for no reason. That’s when it really bothers me.”

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And you know she definitely brought this up because for a very specific reason: “Tom and Ariana did it to me recently and I texted both of them a really long message – a nice one actually – being like ‘Let me know if I misunderstood something because I know words can be twisted, but I’m really not understanding what the issue is.’ And they just never responded to me.”

I have no idea which interview comments Stassi is specifically referencing, but I’m not at all surprised that Tom and Ariana ignored her. It doesn’t seem like Ariana would ever talk to Stassi if she didn’t have contractual obligations thanks to the show.

When the podcast’s hosts commented about how Jax has matured since the start of Vanderpump Rules, Stassi responded, “Do you know how sad that is that you’re like ‘This is Jax better. Isn’t he so great this season?’ Meanwhile all he can talk about is f–king turkey sandwiches.” He’s also spreading rumors about Kristen Doute going down on his own girlfriend, but I wouldn’t consider that to be “improved” or “mature.” Plus the jury’s still out on whether or not we can refer to that whole thing as “factual” or not.

Of course, Stassi was asked about what it’s like to be friends with Brittany, the saint of SUR. “Brittany is actually one of the nicest people I’ve ever met.”

I wish she stopped there, though. Stassi went on to make one of those interview comments like she said Tom and Ariana made – you know, the kind that can be easily misconstrued and possibly insulting. She said, “She looks stupid honestly on camera.” But if you kept listening to the podcast (or continue reading here), you would know that she added, “But when you talk to her she does have it together. She’s somebody that I can hold a conversation with on a deeper level than I would have thought if I just saw her on television.”

I do get that Stassi was trying to give a compliment, but she probably could have done without the somewhat insulting lead-in comment. I get her point though (I think): don’t judge a book by its (adorable, Southern) cover. Stassi added, “I’ve never seen her be rude to anyone. I’ve never seen her be anything less than cordial. It’s actually kind of mind-blowing.” Right? Actually being decent person…who would have thought?

Stassi also said, “She always says it’s like the southern woman thing, but I’m like ‘Girl, I’m from New Orleans. I didn’t get that. No one taught me that.’ It’s not a Southern woman thing.” Yeah, apparently not.

Stassi could not say much about Lala‘s secret boyfriend, but she did confirm, “So I’ve tweeted – some of us have – his first name: Randall.” But that’s all we have. Stassi explained, “He’s threatened Bravo, our production company, and called our managers and stuff. So we are not even allowed to – even when we went on Watch What Happens Live – say his name. So I’m like ‘F–k it. I’ll say a first name.'”

Instead of the usual hate toward Stassi, the Pump Rules fandom has been super against Katie this season on social media. She even had her Twitter on private for a while – yes, I’ve been diligently keeping my eye on that account.

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Stassi tried to justify why it seems like Katie and Tom are fighting all the time. “Say just one person films like thirty hours a week. Then you’re cutting that down with a bunch of other cast members to like a forty five minute show. With hundreds of hours of footage, they’re not going to show them sitting around getting along and their awesome moments. It’s not as interesting.”

OK, but the arguments they do have are so tough to watch, especially during a season that centers around their wedding planning. Shouldn’t that be a joyful time? But what do I know?

But I guess Stassi would know the true story about Tom and Katie better than anyone. I mean she did third wheel on their honeymoon. Yeah, Tom and Katie brought Stassi along on their first trip as a married couple. And apparently it wasn’t even Stassi’s idea.

Stassi explained how that came about: “They were there for a week and I got text messages from them one night and they were like ‘Seriously Stassi just book a trip and come. We have a few days left. You’re single. You have nothing to lose.'” And Stassi admitted, “This was a once in a lifetime opportunity to join two best friends on their honeymoon, so I’m like ‘I have to do it.'”

Stassi added, “In all fairness, they had a week alone. If you ever go to Bora Bora, there’s not that much to do. It’s the most beautiful place I’ve ever been and seen. It’s like so much fun, but you want to party. They were like ‘Can you come and liven it up? We need somebody to lighten it up.’ It sounds Bora Boring.”

Still, I would be a little hesitant to go on vacation with the two of them just based on the arguments I watch on the show. Yes, I know that they’re (probably) not like that all the time in real life, but still I had the same question as the podcast hosts. They asked Stassi if Tom and Katie were actually a fun couple, and she actually declared, “They’re the most fun to be around by far.”

The host asked, “Because they like to drink?” Stassi immediately replied, “Yes,” adding, “They’re so nice.” Which is not something that the viewers have seen when the liquor has been flowing, but yes, for the millionth time: I do get that it makes better TV to show a couple drunk arguing than actually getting along.

On a lighter note, Stassi was asked, “Would you rather be Lisa Vanderpump‘s maid for two years or James Kennedy‘s girlfriend for two years?”

Obviously, working for LVP is pretty dope. Sure, you have to work hard and the standards are high, but she seems like the most generous boss ever – unless you cross her, like Stassi did with that whole solo sex tape scenario when Lisa paid off her black mailer with $900.

Even so, Stassi still answered, “Lisa Vanderpump’s maid. I mean that’s not even a question. Nothing can get me around James.” Fair enough, girl. We all get you on that one.

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It seems like Stassi has forever burned whatever bridges connected her with her former boss. I’ll never get over Lisa telling Stassi, “Sit down. You’re not important enough to hate,” so I was curious about Stassi’s answer when she was asked, “Does Lisa actually hate you or does she just pretend to?”

Stassi admitted, “I think she has issues with me. She has a love/hate relationship with me.” It seems to me like these two have no relationship, but I guess we will see if this ends up changing as the season progresses. Still, Stassi is bringing good material to Lisa’s show, so I’m sure LVP is somewhat grateful for that.

I can’t help missing the golden era of Vanderpump Rules when it was basically the Stassi and Jax show, but it seems like Stassi is in a better place since then and I’m interested in how the rest of this season will play out for her.


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