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Kristen Doute, Scheana Marie Shay, Katie Maloney, And Stassi Schroeder On WWHL; Ariana Madix Voted “The #1 Effing Girl”

Last night, Andy Cohen thought it would be a good idea (or he really hates us) to have Stassi Schroeder, Katie Maloney, Kristen Doute, and Scheana Marie on Watch What Happens Live. AT THE SAME TIME. OMG. This needs to never happen again. There’s not enough Tylenol in the world.

Andy jumps right in and asks Stassi, Katie, Kristen, and Scheana to explain some of their worst moments on Vanderpump Rules. (This is only a half hour show, right?) First up, Kristen sleeping with James Kennedy, on the top of his car, just a couple minutes after he made her cry, “It wasn’t the way that he said that it happened. He is a liar. But it was a huge mistake. HUGE.”


What does Kristen‘s boyfriend think about her hookup with James? “That was so long ago,” she says, “and Carter and I literally had known each other for like a week and a half at that point.”

More Deplorable Moments:

Scheana texting Ariana Madix‘s mom about Tom Sandoval being bad for Ariana, “At the time, he was acting like that.”

Stassi calling Scheana a homewrecking whore every single chance she got, “Nothing to defend myself,” joking, “That was the ghost bitch.”

Katie unleashing Tequila Katie on Tom Schwartz, “That was Tequila Katie. That was not me. I can’t take responsibility for her actions.”

Scheana saying she’d rather be gang banged by the guys than ride in a car with the girls, “It’s called SARCASM! How does no one have a sense of humor?!?”

Kristen tracking down Miami Girl on Instagram and bringing her to SUR to confront Tom, “It’s investigating, not stalking.”

Will Jax Taylor marry Brittany Cartwright? They ALL say YES.

Katie insists, “Their relationship is so new, but I think they’re definitely headed that way.” Stassi says it’s not about Jax, it’s about THEM and the fact that THEY like Brittany. Scheana agrees, “We love Brittany. If they ever break up, we’re keeping her and getting rid of Jax.”

When asked if their friendship will last, Katie shares, “We’ve been through so much and we’ve taken quite long breaks from each other at some points that it’s given us all a point to grow and get to a place where we can have a different sort of friendship that’s still reminiscent of the old.” Stassi, who’s mentally stuck at 12, adds, “We’re the Baby-Sitters Club.”

Thoughts on Lala Kent‘s first season: Scheana complains, “You didn’t see all of her. If you saw all of her, you might not like her as much as you do.” (Um, if we saw any more of Lala, the show would have to be moved to Cinemax After Dark.) Kristen adds, “It’s been good TV.” Katie shares, “It’s been entertaining. Honestly, I’ve been less concerned with her; I’ve had bigger fish to fry with other people.”

Stassi tells Andy that they were “upset and annoyed” after Lala was on Watch What Happens Live. Assuming she’s referring to the swearing, Andy defends Lala, “She redeemed herself the second time.” Scheana says that it was what Lala said about them that pissed them off.

Why does Tom Sandoval hate Stassi so much? Stassi says she doesn’t know, asking, “Can someone answer that?!” Katie says, “But you guys have never gotten along.” Stassi points out, “But we’ve never not gotten along. It has never been anything.”

After seeing it was Lala who told James to take Kristen to dinner, does Kristen feel bad for bashing her? “No,” admits Kristen. “Not really. That is like asking if I feel bad that Brittany didn’t apologize to Lala. Come on. For realz. No.”

When asked if she’s had a nose job, Scheana says, “I actually broke my nose twice as a child and I’ve never fixed it. I have amazing contour done by Priscilla Distasio and I’ve lot some weight so that’s changed my face.”

After trashing Ariana all season, is Scheana seriously surprised she no longer considers her a best friend? “No. I’m not surprised that she said the things she said.”

A caller asks what they think about Ariana‘s bad attitude this season.

Stassi jokes, “I had one last year. It is like getting your period for the first time, we all gotta go through it.” Katie points out that viewers were happy when she compared Ariana’s attitude to Stassi’s attitude, then she says, “I felt like I was being judged for my choices in friendships with these two [Kristen and Stassi] and it felt like a gray cloud. It was hard because I did like Ariana. We were really close.” Kristen contributes, “I think we should stop having bad blood and have mad love.”

Do Katie and Scheana really believe Stassi has changed?

Katie does not hesitate to say “definitely,” but admits, “Honestly, initially, at first, absolutely not.” Scheana says, “I think both of us had reservations at first.” Katie adds, “We took our time – baby steps – but we are in a really good place now. I feel like she has really changed.”

Poll – Who is the number one effing GIRL in the group?

Ariana – 39%

Katie – 15%

Kristen – 6%

Lala – 16%

Scheana – 4%

Stassi – 20%

Bitter, thy name is Kristen Doute.


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