James Kennedy Says Lala Kent Is Fake This Season; He Wants To Spit On Stassi Schroeder’s Ex Patrick Meagher

Say what you want about James Kennedy, but no one can deny that he always brings the entertainment on Vanderpump Rules. The self-proclaimed “White Kanye West” is constantly defending himself from cheating accusations, blessing the fandom with original music, or saying something hilarious.

James opened up about which Real Housewives cast members he would collaborate with and his thoughts on all of the major story lines this season on Vanderpump Rules.

During an episode of the Everything Iconic With Danny Pellegrino podcastJames was asked which Real Housewife he would want to do a song with. James answered, “Erika Jayne for sure. She’s gangster. I like her.”

James does not have the same interest in working with Luann de Lesseps. He said, “Countess Luann, let’s get one thing straight: my music is on a whole other level. I’m not f***ing ‘Money Can’t Buy You Class.’ I’m not f***ing doing that shit, OK? My music is gangster as f**k. So let’s not compare Bravolebrity music.”

He wasn’t done though. James added, “It’s not serious music. I’m not saying mine is ‘so serious’ because I have fun with it, but you know, people can turn on her music in the club and people aren’t going to react well. Let’s say that. If you turn on my music in the club, people are f**king dancing.” What about Erika’s music? Is that legit? James said, “Yeah. You can play her shit in the club. The gay clubs go nuts for it. It’s a whole other ball game.”

Speaking of Real Housewives, James is very protective of his SUR boss Lisa Vanderpump. He teased an upcoming story line with Stassi Schroeder’s ex-boyfriend Patrick Meagher when he said, “Patrick was such a dick. If I ever saw that guy, I would spit in his f**king face to talk to Lisa the way he did.” And then he realized that he almost said to much when he said, “Oh, you guys wait…. Some crazy shit goes down.” If anyone could put Patrick in check, it’s Lisa Vanderpump and it is much needed.

James used to have a ton of love for Lala Kent, but Lala has zero interest in being his friend these days. James admitted, “I think she’s being a little bit fake, honestly, this season. I don’t think it’s the real Lala. I think she’s very calculated, coordinated… thinks three times ahead before making a decision and that’s not the Lala everyone loves and I love. Let’s just say that.”

James continued, “The times she’s having f**king hunky dory lunch with Katie [Maloney] down the street from my house. At the time, we were best friends and you don’t even talk to these people. Then boom, the f**king show is airing and I see you’re having lunch right before meeting up at my house and you don’t even tell me that.”

Is there hope for James and Lala to restore their friendship? He shared, “Hopefully. I’m not trying to bag on her. That’s just  the truth and I’m sure that everyone else sees it. Whether she wants to believe it or not, that’s fine. She had her two cents to say about me and Jax’s [Taylor] relationship- like you give a f**k, you know? Let’s talk about you licking Stassi’s ass hole at the bar having a fu**ing glass of wine. ‘You know I’ve always really liked you,’ and then flash back ‘You lying whore.’ Are you kidding me right now? Her? I’m confused.” And I’m sure Lala’s former close friend Scheana Marie is as well.

Then again, Scheana has so many other things to think about this season: first and foremost her relationship with ex-boyfriend Rob VallettaJames admitted, “It is uncomfortable in so many ways. There’s the whole relationship in general, very awkward, you know he’s very stand off’ish.”

He was asked, “Did he do the show to get the business going?” Without hesitation, James said, “Yes, 100%. He’s talking about his other show that’s getting what- 12 views a week? I don’t even know what it’s called. And you’re talking about VPR like it’s a f**king joke and we’re millions and millions of views a week.” I couldn’t agree more…. but then again, Rob can hang a TV in less than seven minutes, so it’s not like he needs this show for success.

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