Camille Grammer on Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Tonight The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Finally Confront Camille Grammer!

Tonight the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills are still terrorizing Provence with their hideous drama, and after a drunken night out led to some regrettable accusations, Erika Girardi is keeping her distance from Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave and Kyle Richards.

Teddi and Kyle have no recollection of calling Erika a buzzkill and accusing her of not wanting to be their friend, until resident shit-stirrer Lisa Rinna swoops in with her swizzle stick of bad intentions. Feeling guilty, Teddi apologizes to Erika, but Erika doesn’t understand where Teddi’s sudden aggressiveness is stemming from. Perhaps, just perhaps, Erika is starting to see a correlation between the way she’s being iced out, and the way Lisa Vanderpump was?

After a day of games in the French countryside, the women return to Beverly Hills to celebrate the launch of Beverly Beach at Kitson. Which would have been a big deal if this was 2005. Alas, it’s about 15 years too late — just like everything else in Dorit Kemsley‘s life.

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Before the celebration, Kyle meets with her trustiest, orangiest henchwoman Faye Resnick and learns that while they were cavorting around France getting trashed and trashing LVP’s wine and Erika’s personality, Camille Grammer‘s house burned to the ground. The shocking news still doesn’t discourage Kyle and Faye from being nasty about Camille. Despite being in Camille’s wedding 6 minutes before; despite the fact that Camille has done nothing to her, Kyle still harbors hostilities… Because: Kyle is the worst!

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At the Beverly Beach party, Camille and Teddi learn that Dorit has named clothing items after them, but over dinner, Lipsa decides to shatter the peace by confronting Camille for gossiping about Dorit’s finances. Of course, Camille doesn’t mind admitting it because Camille knows things. She always does…

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