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Lala Kent Explains Why Lisa Vanderpump Won’t Officiate Her Wedding; Doesn’t Want This 1 Vanderpump Rules Cast Member As A Bridesmaid

It’s a tale as old as time. Girl meets an older gentleman. Girl “lets him hit it on the first night.” And she wakes up to a new Range Rover the next morning. What a classic love story.

Lala Kent went from being Randall Emmett’s side piece to his fiancée. After infamously hiding their relationship and solely referring to him as “my man” on Vanderpump Rules, the two of them are now a very public couple living off borrowed funds. She is even a stepmother-in-training, which has incited some drama recently. Even though her wedding will not be on the show, it does seem like there’s going to be some drama nonetheless. She doesn’t want the entire Vanderpump Rules cast in her wedding party. The nerve of her to actually include people she likes instead of turning her wedding into a three-part episode.

On a recent Watch What Happens Live episode, Andy Cohen asked Lala why she’s getting married in Miami. In response, she revealed, “We switched to Newport Beach.”

Lala explained, “The weather in Miami is just too volatile and my [late] dad loves Newport, or loved Newport. It sat well with me.” Aww, that’s very sweet. It will be exciting for the Vanderpump Rules fans to watch. Oh, wait. That’s not happening.

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She confirmed that the wedding will not be televised. Lala said, “I like to hold things close to my heart, but I’m not gonna cancel anything out. Whatever happens happens.” How does Lala continually get a free pass for hiding her real life from the show? Oh, right, the borrowed private jet. Duh.

Andy asked if Lisa Vanderpump would officiate the big day. Lala ruled that out with zero hesitation. She told him, “I’m supposed to be the star of that day. No.” Fair enough.

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Katie Maloney and Brittany Cartwright had the whole Vanderpump Rules cast in their weddings. Well, Lala wasn’t even invited to Katie’s wedding since they were in a toxic cycle of slut shaming and fat shaming. Anyway, time has passed and relationships have changed. A lot.

Who would Lala have as bridesmaids. She said, “Stassi [Schroeder], Katie, and Brittany.” Andy responded with, “Can I be there when Kristen [Doute] finds out she’s not a bridesmaid?” And Lala told him, “Yeah, you can be there.” Damn. Kristen really is on the outs.

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What about Ariana Madix and Scheana Marie? Ariana is the only female on the show who has never slut shamed Lala, but she’s not on the list. What about the bench warmers: Raquel Leviss and Billie Lee? Just kidding.

However, Lala did say that she would invite Raquel and James Kennedy to her wedding. A lot has changed while filming Season 7, apparently.

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Shockingly Lala is very much down to get a prenup. And as far as the actual planning goes, she says Stassi is a bigger bridezilla than she is. Lala remarked, “Stassi. Stassi’s got it all figured out.”


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