LeeAnne Locken Shares How Erika Jayne Has Been “So Kind”; Dishes On Fight Between Sonja Morgan & Tinsley Mortimer During Pride

While LeeAnne Locken has had some up and down relationships with her Real Housewives of Dallas costars. However, it seems like things are going a lot better with Real Housewives from different TV shows. Specifically, Erika Jayne. No word on how she feels about Erika Girardi. Lame joke, I’ve moved on.

Recently, LeeAnne dished on how Erika reached out to her during a tough time when none of her RHOD costars did. She also talked about Sonja Morgan and Tinsley Mortimer’s fight during Pride Weekend in New York this past summer. LeeAnne even theorized about why she would not be accepted by the Real Housewives of Atlanta cast.

On a recent episode of the Everything Iconic With Danny Pellegrino podcast, LeeAnne shared, “I have a huge, hardcore love for Erika. Hardcore love. She has been one of the kindest people to me. I mean, seriously. We just sat together again at New York Fashion Week. She just gives me strength sometimes when I’m out of it.” These two are friends? I just figured they took pics here and there at events.

However, LeeAnne revealed, “When we had the shooting and all the police officers were getting killed, she was like ‘Please tell me [husband] Rich [Emberlin] is OK.’ I mean, she was the only one. My own cast didn’t even reach out to me. Erika did.” LeeAnne declared, “I just love Erika.”

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As far as the New York Housewives go, LeeAnne remarked, “I’m a huge fan of Ramona [Singer], Dorinda [Medley], and Sonja.” She also talked about that video of Tinsley and Sonja arguing that Kelly Dodd drunkenly accidentally uploaded.

LeeAnne shared, “Their argument had started at like 11 AM. At 11 AM,  I had made an attempt, Kelly Dodd had made an attempt, Reza [Farahan], Dorinda, and Margaret Josephs had made an attempt to stop the argument, which was not about the townhouse.” She refused to say what the argument was actually about, but she did clarify that it had nothing to do with Real Housewives of New York.

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LeeAnne recalled, “The argument continued on the float for four or five hours.” It went on for the after party too. Please tell me that Kelly Dodd wasn’t the only one who recorded this. Will this be featured on the next Real Housewives of New York season?

Previously, LeeAnne said that she would fit in best on Real Housewives of Atlanta if she had to switch shows. However, she’s changed her mind. She theorized, “I don’t think I’d be accepted in Atlanta. I’ve been around the Atlanta girls enough now to know. I could rap Cardi B, but I’m not in it.” Oh, LeeAnne.

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