Report: Possible Evidence Shows LeeAnne Locken’s Husband Rich May Have Cheated

Real Housewives of Dallas breakout star, LeeAnne Locken might have a situation on her hands. Recently married to Rich Emberlin, the couple has always seemed to work as a team. Despite the great relationship LeeAnne has with her husband, sometimes her friendships leaned towards the wonky side. LeeAnne has a personality, and she isn’t afraid to use it. She has battled with most of her co-stars, but LeeAnne seemed closest to D’Andra Simmons.

That fell apart when D’Andra had a discussion with LeeAnne questioning Rich’s ability to be faithful. During a heartfelt talk, D’Andra implied Rich was ordering his Popeye’s with a side-piece. Naturally, this evoked the carnival-style rage in LeeAnne that viewers have come to know and love. LeeAnne and Rich then accused D’Andra’s spouse of dipping his toe in another pond. Rich texted D’Andra’s husband, Jeremy Lock saying he was about to expose his dirty deeds with “Pretty Jessica” after the “baseless lies” D’Andra spewed about him. Well, the circle of ALLEGED infidelity is about to close. The “baseless lies” coming from D’Andra might have some legs after all. Good luck with this one, Rich.

Question: have people forgotten celebrity cheater cheater pumpkin eaters are usually at risk of exposure FROM the person they are ALLEGEDLY cheating with? Looks like Rich didn’t get the memo.

There is a possible new target of LeeAnne’s venom, probably because receipts have been pulled and posted on Twitter. The Instagram account, Bravo Superfans has screenshots of the new development. A woman named Kelsey Brooke must be #teamD’Andra because she just tied Rich and LeeAnne together and publicly dragggggggggged them. The Twitter post read, “I don’t recommend trying to ruin people’s lives LeeAnn [sic] bc what you and your husband did to @dandrasimmons was disgusting and I have kept my mouth shut for to [sic] many years now about your husband’s fidelity.” Rich might want to radio for back-up.

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Then Kelsey posted Facebook messages she ALLEGEDLY shared with Rich from August 2016 on Twitter. This is where the pot and the kettle were apparently introduced. Rich reportedly wrote, “I just want you to know I don’t flirt on here at all.” Side-note, HAHAHAHAHAHA. Can we get a more original intro next time?

Rich allegedly continued, “You are the only person that I have messaged with other than SWAT guys asking me questions that are work related.” Second side-note, HAHAHAHAHA. NOPE. The message goes on, “I’m tempted to take a screenshot of all my unanswered messages (girls and guys) so you can see for yourself.” Don’t worry Rich, we have all the screenshots we need…

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Rich closed the ALLEGED communication with, “I don’t say that because I think I’m ‘somebody’ because I’m not.” Um, dude, you are A FORMER COP, THIS IS EVIDENCE. The Force is not strong with this one. Or the smarts. The note concluded with, “I’m just regular Rich but television has a way of making people want to…,”

“Regular Rich” might have a “regular psycho” to deal with over dinner tonight. The remainder of the message was cut, but never fear, Kelsey wasn’t done.

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In a separate screenshot, we see Rich and Kelsey chatting about alcohol. Kelsey said, “I gave up on shots! Plus I doubt people want to see me passed out.” Then she drops the bait and Rich bites, hook, line, and sinker. “Jumping in the shower real quick, ” Kelsey wrote.

Unsurprisingly Rich ALLEGEDLY shoots his shot, “Now there’s a visual! How was the shower? Do I get a ‘post shower’ pic?” Kelsey did not appear to reply to the statement, as Rich asked again, “No?” and that’s where it ends. Rich, you ALLEGED ignorant slut! I am frightened for this man right now.

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Kelsey appears to be a beauty blogger out of Memphis and (to me) is twinning with LeeAnne, so Rich definitely has a type. And Kelsey was clearly not here for LeeAnne and Rich going in on D’Andra. I’m not sure if Rich went so hard with D’Andra’s husband because he knew he was guilty and deflecting, or if he isn’t coloring with a full box of crayons. Either way, he’s earned his hypocrite badge.

So is Rich about to take a metaphorical trip down a dark well? Will LeeAnne spin this fairly clear evidence into a more flattering direction? That will take some sensitive navigation. Did D’Andra just send her possible new BFF Kelsey a giant box of rare white algae for her troubles? I’m sure this little story is not over yet.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]