Scheana Marie Reacts To Vanderpump Rules Editor Getting Fired; Says Lisa Vanderpump Dismissed Her When She Asked For Help

It’s the second coming of Scheana Marie all! A couple months ago, we received confirmation about something Scheana fans had long suspected. Scheana was deliberately being edited in a negative light by FORMER Vanderpump Rules editor Bri Dellinger, because Scheana didn’t “befriend her” outside of the show. Question: how did Bri even get a job editing on this show if she didn’t graduate from middle-school?

Sure, we all enjoyed watching Scheana, at times, be the butt of a joke. But this past season of Pump Rules producers and editors went too far. They crossed a line when they decided to frame Scheana to look like she was hitting on Stassi Schroeder’s younger brother, Nikolai Czermak. Soon after this, Bri shared she was behind the negative edits. She has since been fired, set her social media to private, and remains unapologetic. Now, #JusticeForScheana can really begin.

As reported by Us Weekly, Scheana spilled her thoughts about the shady editing on Maria Menounos’ “Better Together” podcast. “I think people mistake my kindness for weakness and just think it’s OK to always walk all over me …because I’m such a forgiving person,” Scheana said.

She continued (by stating the obvious), “the bitches are winning! They’re the ones with most followers, they’re the ones with the most job opportunities! I’m not a mean girl. Next season, you’ll see more of that Scheana: more outspoken, confident and secure, and not afraid to tell people how I feel. No one is ever afraid of hurting my feelings, why should I be afraid of hurting theirs?” Seriously! I hope Scheana really brings it if VPR gets renewed.


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Menounos asked Scheana if anyone else on the cast noticed her negative portrayal. Scheana said, “it’s not that nobody believed me. I think just, everyone else had it better and nobody cared.” She went on to speak some more truths, “we tend to be in a group of very selfish people who, you know, they care about themselves and how they look and once that looks good … [They say] ‘I’m getting everything I want, so I don’t care.’” I can believe that Scheana’s peers on the show wouldn’t care at all. But, it is a bit surprising that Lisa Vanderpump wasn’t more supportive of her bad edit, according to Scheana.

According to Page Six, Scheana shared, “I went to [LVP] last year and she knew I was really upset with how things were going into last season.” Scheana elaborated on this by talking about what went down in a scene that had Scheana crying in LVP’s kitchen: “the whole scene where they do this stupid montage of ‘I’m not jealous, I’m not jealous, I’m not jealous, I’m not jealous.’ I was crying to Lisa, just like begging her to listen to me.”


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To this, LVP said, “oh please, stop it. Be professional. Do your job. Stop breaking the fourth wall.” Lisa’s response is interesting considering the fact that she left Real Housewives of Beverly Hills after many years of “bad edits.” LVP also didn’t do her own job when she refused to show up to last year’s reunion. Which was something she blasted Adrienne Maloof for not doing earlier.

Scheana continued, saying, “I’m like, ‘Let’s break the fourth wall. Let’s talk about the real issue. I’m jealous that Dayna [Kathan] is … coming on our show and now is getting to showcase her career when she hasn’t worked a day in her life for this. Like literally, it was just handed to her.” It definitely seems like it. Plus, do we really need to see more of Dayna’s basic standup routine?


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LVP “couldn’t be reached for comment,” according to Page Six. The fact that Scheana is even sharing this about LVP is a good indicator that the gloves are off. Let’s hope we see more of Scheana’s “bad side” on the reunion!


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