Lisa Vanderpump’s Vanderpump Dogs Reality Show Is Officially Happening

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - NOVEMBER 21: Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd attend the 4th annual Vanderpump Dog Foundation Gala at Taglyan Cultural Complex on November 21, 2019 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images)

She gets knocked down! But she gets up again! You are never gonna keep her down! I think this is the song Lisa Vanderpump from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills sings to herself every morning in the mirror. Probably while she hairsprays the living hell out her stiff-ass hair she can’t seem to ever get behind that left ear, try as she might. Lisa recently had some beef with Sarah Paulson of all people. Her famed restaurant Villa Blanca has closed it doors for good. And, if you’ve been under a rock, you might have missed that her show, Vanderpump Rules has come under some fire lately. Literally. They fired four cast members for being racist. Oh, and don’t forget her husband, Ken Todd, has recently been accused of cheating.

Defend or excuse any of that all you want, but it’s a lot to deal with at once. That said, Lisa, as we’ve seen, can take the largest dumpster fire (ex – Jax Taylor and Stassi Schroeder) and exploit it into a multi-season hit. She just doesn’t quit. Well. Except for that time she literally quit RHOBH. But whatever.

So here it is. The long-fabled Vanderpump Dogs show that’s been rumored for some time. Don’t shoot the messenger! E! News reported that the show is going to air on “Peacock”. That’s NBC’s new streaming service if you didn’t know. Can you hear the tired “cock” jokes being whisper-yelled by Lisa from where you are too?  Apparently, they announced the show in a surprise commercial.

It’s reported that Lisa was even surprised by the announcement. She went to Twitter saying, “Well good morning…I’ve known about this for months lol…Thought it was supposed to be a secret, but apparently it’s announced!” What!? This is so random. She doesn’t even know about the announcement of her own show? I mean she has a lot going on already, but this??

For those of you who missed it, Season 9 of RHOBH opened up to a whole mess that’s now referred to as ‘puppygate’. It’s hard to even remember the details other than Dorit Kemsely giving away a Vanderpump Dogs dog to a new owner without telling Lisa. That new owner apparently gave the dog to a kill shelter?

Don’t worry, the dog is safe and has a whole new 4th family. Attention starved (or heavily manipulated) John Sessa got in the mix trying to defend LVP. It was all so extra. Lisa literally took a lie detector test while also being accused of going above and beyond to make her friends look bad. Apparently the remaining cast thought Lisa herself sold or volunteered the story of Dorit’s failiure to the press just to be petty. And so she left the entire franchise.

I’m exhausted just typing all that. But listen. As an avid dog lover, I cannot deny the incredible things Lisa has done for the animal world. Does the world need more satin pussy bows and forced laughter over “that’s what she said” level humor? Maybe not. But let’s see how this turns out.


[Photo Credit: Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images]