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Teresa Giudice “Taking Things Slow” With New Boyfriend Louie Ruelas After Divorce From Joe Giudice

Teresa Giudice is one of Bravo’s most famous stars. Not because she is an engaging public figure, who gifts the people with words of wisdom during trying moments. It’s mostly because she flipped a table and has done more time behind bars than Lucky Luciano. A few Real Housewives of New Jersey diehard fans still feel some type of way about Teresa. She was never particularly good at owning up to her crimes or being accountable for her attitude.

But Teresa hasn’t exactly had it easy. She raised four daughters with little help. She dealt with marriage infidelities. Law violations and extended camp stays proved to be too much for Teresa’s 20 year relationship with Joe Giudice. Once it was decided divorce was going to knock her traditional values to the wayside, Tre waded into the dating pool. Now that Teresa is boo’d up with Louie Ruelas, she wants folks to know she’s in no rush – so don’t go ordering those monogrammed tea towels just yet.

Teresa showed up on Watch What Happens Live last week, much to Andy Cohen’s delight. As we all know, Andrew lives for the OG Housewife and probably prays to several altars in his home dedicated to the Patron Saint of Penitentiary Yoga. She provided an update on the saga of her divorce from Juicy Joe, which was mostly resolved in September.

According to Bravo’s The Daily Dish, Teresa told Andy, “I’m still waiting on the date from the courts. All the paperwork is all done; we’re just waiting for a court date and because of COVID[-19], it’s taking forever.” Andy also wanted an update on Teresa’s boyfriend, Louie. He’s a single dad of two boys with a successful business under his belt. However, once Louie’s name was released to the media, some of his past indiscretions came into the light.


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Louie had previously been accused of “controlling and abusive behavior” by an ex-fiancée. This caused some of Teresa’s supporters to voice their concern about her ability to pick a man. I can’t believe I’m going to say this but, in Teresa’s defense she has not had a lot of experience in the single life and I imagine she’s doing the best she can. Also, I will deny defending Teresa if directly confronted with it.

The best thing Teresa could possibly do is take it slow and apparently she’s going with that. She told Andy, “Well, it’s fairly new as I told you, so I’m taking things slow and we’ll see where it goes from there.” Yes, don’t rush into anything, EVER.


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On the bright side, Louie has been in business since he was 19 years old and has not been found guilty of using his brother’s driver’s license to avoid DUI charges. We can also assume Louie never called the mother of his children the c-word while standing in a vineyard on the phone to his business partner aka secret girlfriend. So he has that going for him, at least.

And everybody buckle up for the new episodes! Dolores Catania said she was shocked by the drama at some points in Season 11. After prostitution whores, a couple in jail, Melissa Gorga’s interesting choice of fashions, and the ghost of Beverly Ann Merrill – what could shock us at this point? We’ll find out in February 2021 when RHONJ returns to Bravo.


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