NeNe Leakes Claims Bravo Pays People Off To Keep Their “Dirty Work” Going; Wants Porsha Williams To Join Boycott Against Network

You know what they say, jealousy is a disease and everyone wants NeNe Leakes to get well soon. Poor NeNe has been suffering after her services were no longer required on Real Housewives of Atlanta. Since her departure, NeNe has blossomed into a vocal advocate and activist for racial equality. Sure, Jan.

After enabling her behavior for multiple seasons, Bravo finally pulled the plug. NeNe. Was. Pissed. And apparently she hasn’t gotten over it. NeNe went on a tirade against Bravo, Andy Cohen, and anyone else in her path. In NeNe’s world, there are no bridges left because she blew them all up. You might think, now that some time has passed, NeNe has calmed down – but you would be wrong. Now NeNe is back and still fighting against the chip on her shoulder evil entity that is Bravo.

NeNe is still lending her wise words to the platform that Bravo is a network embroiled in racism and dark forces. Funny we never heard of Bravo’s heinous plan while NeNe was making $2.85 million to appear on RHOA. NeNe spent a lot of time after her dismissal publicly shaming her old boss and basically everyone who ever gave her a shot.

NeNe is onto Bravo’s wicked plan, you guys. I’m not entirely sure what Bravo’s wicked plan is, but NeNe is still fighting it. Yesterday on Twitter, NeNe once again attempted to rally the troops and bring Bravo to it’s proverbial knees. She wrote, “Stand up, protest, sign the petition & stop watching!” Wait, there’s a whole petition? Is it a “real petition” or an “in NeNe’s mind” petition? NeNe added, “The treatment of black women behind the scene is wrong. Even the cast that’s currently filming knows wrong is & was happening. They try to silence us! We MUST speak up when wrong is happening. I won’t stop.”


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NeNe won’t stop, because she has nothing else to do. I’m not sure what happened to the numerous television offers NeNe claimed to have, but I’m so glad she still has time to fight the good fight… NeNe continued, “They pay off and reward lawyers, managers, agents and even certain cast members to keep their dirty work going. I won’t stop speaking out until something is done. I will call names if need be.” Oooooo, more threats! It’s just so curious that NeNe has only recently become concerned about the company’s stance on racism. I guess it was okay for the ten years she was on the network?

Then a follower determined Porsha Williams should be standing by NeNe’s side in her fight against Hydra Bravo and naturally NeNe retweeted it because she was grateful at least one person agreed with her. The post read implied current RHOA cast members are too scared to lose their checks to participate in NeNe’s fight. Last time I checked, Porsha is getting paid for TWO shows on Bravo, despite their blatant efforts to keep Black women down.


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NeNe ended her rant with, “I didn’t say anything publicly for years but I spoke out behind the scenes in emails, text messages and conferences call. I can show you! I spoke to executive(s) for help as well for years. It MUST STOP! It doesn’t matter your race, just fight for what’s right.” Okay fine, name names, let’s go, open up the vault. It’s fascinating that while Bravo was actively making moves to force racism on the world, it was cool and the gang for NeNe as long as her direct deposit went through.

Is NeNe really fighting for a cause? Or is she fighting because she can’t accept the fact she was fired? NeNe might be trying to shine the light on a company with underlying issues of racism on a network that quit her, but the spotlight seems to be aimed at NeNe’s inability to quit Bravo.


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