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Drew Sidora Says Her Husband, Ralph Pittman, Encouraged Her To Hang With Cast And Stripper; Shares What Happened During Her Interactions With Bolo

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Cynthia Bailey’s bachelorette party will go down in Housewives history. The ladies went crazy–even if they had husbands or fiances.

After stripper Bolo’s performance, production left, and the RHOA cast shut off nearly all the home’s security cameras. But the festivities weren’t over. Bolo stayed to party on with the ladies.

Drew Sidora and her husband, Ralph Pittman, have a rocky marriage. Ralph previously went off to Tampa for three days without communicating with his wife. Still, during the most recent episode of RHOA, Drew claimed that she has a “perfect marriage.”

During the after-party, Kenya Moore heard two female voices and some sexual noises coming from an empty bedroom. She is on a quest to identify who allegedly had sex with Bolo. Kenya wasn’t afraid to break “girl code.” It had to be Porsha Williams, Drew, or Tanya Sam. Kenya supposedly recognized Porsha’s voice. Porsha didn’t confirm or deny her involvement.

Tanya announced at the final dinner in South Carolina that she was with Porsha in Porsha’s room. Tanya just tattled on herself! I wonder what Tanya’s fiancé, Paul Judge, thought about her behavior? Tanya denied the stripper accusations and stopped filming with the cast.


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Now we are learning more about Drew’s actions that night. Drew told theJasmineBRAND that her mother shared that whatever happens at a bachelorette party should stay at the party. Someone neglected to inform Kenya. Drew said that no one signed a confidentiality agreement for the party.

Drew stated, “I had gone in my room ’cause I thought we were done [filming]… I’ll share this with you, I haven’t told anybody this. Kandi [Burruss] sent me a text that was like ‘Hey, come back. Hang out.’” The RHOA newbie was talking to her husband on the phone. Drew said that Ralph supported her partying with the ladies because she was late joining the season. Sure, Drew.

Drew continued, “By the time I came back out, they had already covered the cameras, I didn’t even know… So I just saw Bolo, he was giving everybody lap dances. So I was just like, ‘Okay.’” It sounds like Drew embraced the experience.


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“Honestly my heart was beating. I was like ‘He’s gonna come to me and I’m not gonna know what to do with that…’ But when it came my turn, I was like ‘I’m not gonna be no punk!’…I didn’t know how to twerk so the ladies were showing me how to twerk on the vacation,” Drew explained. “In my mind, I was like, let me put it all out there, the girls are gonna tell me how I did, and I’m gonna take all this back to my husband.” Hopefully Ralph won’t be in Tampa.

“He flipped me over the coffee table, he put me on the counter in the kitchen. When they showed the promo I was like ‘Are those my legs in the air?’” Drew commented. “Maybe they were, maybe they’re not. I was proud of what I did. The girls were rooting me on. Shamea [Morton] was like ‘Go girl!’” she shared.

The actress added, “I had a great time, I didn’t feel it was anything bad from what I saw… [One girl] was thirsty. She had her tongue out looking for something to lick…” Drew was referring to LaToya Ali. LaToya was seen on camera making out with Porsha. LaToya also slammed Drew for her antics with Bolo, since Drew has a wandering husband.


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