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Jax Taylor Blames “Bad Bookkeeper” For $1.2 Million Tax Issue; He Misses Vanderpump Rules Paycheck

Jax Taylor truly made a name for himself as the No. 1 douchebag guy in the group on Vanderpump Rules. He made good TV in the original seasons — slacking off at his bartending job, being the worst boyfriend ever and his love/hate relationship with Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval was entertaining to watch. But now that he’s been fired “left” the show ahead of Season 9, along with several other OGs, it’s time for a new era of Pump Rules. Maybe this time with people who actually still work at Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurants, and don’t just pretend to clock in.

Jax is finally settling down and doing the adulting thing at the ripe age of 41. He’s married, a homeowner and is expecting a baby soon with Brittany Cartwright. It’s still unclear what he does for a job now that he’s done making watered-down drinks at Sur. But recent news claiming that he owns $1.2 million dollars in back taxes to the state and the feds definitely didn’t come at the best time — when he’s no longer pocketing those big Bravo checks anymore.

In true Jax fashion, he’s addressed the claims and avoided any responsibility about the tax issue in a recent Instagram Live. He blamed the whole thing on a bad bookkeeper. This could be true, however, I don’t have a copy of Jax’s financial records. But it isn’t the first time he’s run into issues with the IRS. And he has a history of accountability issues, so I’m a little skeptical.

“Oh yeah, I had a bad tax situation,” Jax said during the live, according to Reality Blurb. 

Jax claimed, “I had a bad bookkeeper. We all get bad bookkeepers. I suggest researching your bookkeeper when you pay your taxes because I got f*cked.” He goes on to say he’s “fixing it” and that it’s not a big deal. Again, I don’t doubt that this whole tax issue is a result of a mistake or misunderstanding. We know mistakes happen all the time, particularly when it comes to Bravolebrities and their taxes. But $1.2 million is a big number, so it sounds like a little bit of a big deal to me.


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Jax goes on to insinuate that he really was fired from VPR, even though he originally claimed that he left to focus on his family. “I’m going to miss the paycheck. That’s it. That’s the only thing I’m going to miss,” he said (shocker). “The show made a good decision. I stand with them 100 percent. I love everybody that was on it [and] I had a great run. Not too many guys can last nine years on a reality show.” It’s almost surreal to see Jax being so OK with not being the Number One Guy on VPR next season, even when he previously said he was excited to film Season 9. In the end, Charli Burnett gets the last laugh. 

Jax also said that it wasn’t “fair to the show” because he doesn’t “put any effort in anymore” and that he’s “not interested in that lifestyle.” This might be the first time that “Jax” and “effort” have been put in the same sentence, considering his track record at Sur. And if the “lifestyle” includes rage texting your friends, partying at bars and lashing out at anyone in sight, it is probably about time that Jax and the show part ways for good. 


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