Kyle Richards Says Amelia Hamlin And Scott Disick’s Relationship Is “Strange”; She Wouldn’t Be Happy If It Was One Of Her Daughters Dating Scott

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is having one of its best seasons in recent years, mostly thanks to the addition of the lovable goofball named Kathy Hilton. Sutton Stracke and Crystal Kung Minkoff have been bringing the drama with their head-t0-head arguments. Kyle Richards and Garcelle Beauvais made up after last year’s battle. But Garcelle is still giving Lisa Rinna the runaround for how she treated her longtime friend  Denise Richards last season. And there’s enough tea involving Erika Jayne’s divorce and legal drama for the saga to have its own show. 

Rinna has been doing overtime to try to prove she’s a good friend, even though her delivery has been more than questionable at times. Outside of getting the cold shoulder with Garcelle, Rinna seems to be using her daughters yet again to give herself a storyline on RHOBH this year. This time, it has to do with her now 20-year-old daughter Amelia Gray Hamlin dating Kardashians insider (and 38-year-old man) Scott Disick. I’ve always thought Rinna wanted to follow Kris Jenner’s momager footsteps on her own family spinoff. But despite the relationship, it looks like she’ll have to keep working toward that. 

It’s clear from the various social media comments that fans have a lot of thoughts about this relationship. Scott gets older, but his girlfriends just keep getting younger. The RHOBH trailer teased that Kyle tells Rinna that Scott is just “too damn old” to date her daughter. And she points out that he also is the father of three children, while Amelia is just fresh into adulthood.  And in a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight

Kyle dished even more about the questionable romance. “I’m a mother of four daughters, so I wouldn’t be happy with that situation,” Kyle said. To be fair, I’d be much more afraid to bring an older guy home to Kyle and Mauricio Umansky than Rinna and Harry Hamlin. That wouldn’t fly in the Umansky household.


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Kyle added that she knows Rinna’s daughter is legally an adult, and it’s “not likely she’s going to listen” to what her mom says anyway. “But that doesn’t stop me from voicing my opinion about it,” Kyle said. OK Tamra Judge. “I’m sure she and Scott don’t love that I said that, but that’s how I feel,” she added. However, based on Rinna’s short comments about the relationship, she’s probably happy someone is pointing out the strangeness of it all.

The RHOBH OG refused to dish on whether or not she’s discussed Amelia and Scott’s relationship with her old pal Kris Jenner. However, Kyle did bring Kourtney Kardashian, the mother of Scott’s children, into the mix. “I know Kourtney and Scott as being together, so it’s all kind of strange for me anyway.”


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It makes it even weirder to figure out that Kourtney is more than double Amelia’s age. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again — Scott is going through a serious midlife crisis of some sort. And now he has the Harley to go with it.  At least he finally followed back his girlfriend on Instagram after months of being together.


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