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Dorinda Medley Returns To Bravo; Makes Appearance On Million Dollar Listing New York With Steve Gold

What are we all doing here without Dorinda Medley but an abundance of Leah McSweeney? Well, life is full of twists and turns and after six seasons on Real Housewives of New York, Dorinda was asked to “take a pause” from filming to hopefully collect herself and maybe try to soften her vicious tongue. Former co-star Luann de Lesseps said filming sans Dorinda is “less angry” but hopes she will return at some point in the future.

Of course, if you ask everyone’s ray of sunshine, Ramona Singer, “no one missed Dorinda” and her real reason for departing is because she no longer got free rent. Speaking of rent, Dorinda has a black book of important contacts and Million Dollar Listing New York realtor and not unpleasant to look at agent Steve Gold is in that book. Steve needed someone with connections in the Berkshires and I dare say there are fewer people more well-connected than Dorinda. Thankfully Dorinda answered Steve’s call and shows up in a future episode of MDLNY.

Dorinda’s house in the Berkshires aka Blue Stone Manor is now famous in it’s own right. The backdrop for slut shaming, drunken break downs, and property destruction gained popularity when RHONY would incorporate the estate into seasonal moments for the show. Dorinda grew up in the Berkshires and keeps her 18-acre residence with a decorative fish room especially for Luann. When real estate hotshot Steve needed help with a listing in the high-end Massachusetts area, the only name that popped into his brain was Dorinda’s.

Now’s your time to get that Dorinda fix if you feel like you’re in need. Entertainment Tonight shared a clip of Dorinda’s debut on MDLNY and the not so grueling task of hanging out with Steve Gold. Steve asked for Dorinda’s help in getting the word out about one of his listings in the Berkshires, and naturally she agreed to assist. Not all heroes wear capes, I guess. “Everyone knows Dorinda Medley,” Steve tells the camera. “She’s Berkshires royalty.”


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Dorinda was inclined to agree with that label. She yells out, “I’m the queen of this area!” I’m guessing she picked that up from Ramona at some point. Steve called Dorinda “the perfect person” to help him. Dorinda and her friend, a “marketing guru”, met Steve at a “glam farm house” for sale. “Between the two of them, they’re gonna create a buzz,” Steve says. No worries honey, Dorinda usually has no problem with a buzz. “I’m hoping between [Dorinda] and my other showings, I can get a lot of people interested in this property.”

Perhaps Ramona will eventually call on Dorinda for similar assistance, as she is a real estate mogul now. If you miss Dorinda and enjoy big properties, tune in for her appearance on MDLNY. If that isn’t enough for you, hang in there because she might return to RHONY in the future. In the time being, she’ll be busy decorating, cooking, and making it nice.


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