Heather Thomson Thinks Leah McSweeney Should Have Gone Home To Be With Family During Grandmother’s Health Struggles Instead Of Filming Real Housewives Of New York

Real Housewives of New York has turned into another Real Housewives of Messy Town and it’s becoming all too common lately. Allow me to be completely transparent and say I have no dog in this fight. Both of the people involved usually run their mouths incessantly and saying anything even remotely worthwhile is a rare occurrence. Heather Thompson came back for a few brief appearances on RHONY and to say Leah McSweeney was locked and loaded would be pretty accurate.

Leah was already mad, but the anger is being blamed on her grandmother’s poor health. Before Heather showed up, Leah started lighting matches by pouring over the internet in search of articles containing Heather’s smack-talking. After dinner table dramatics, communications broke down because Leah likes to impress people with her wokeness but Heather clearly knows the Black experience because she has photos with Puff Daddy. So deciding who is more to blame for acting like an idiot is difficult for viewers. According to Heather, if Leah had just stayed home with her ill grandma, all of the drama could have been avoided.

You know who probably wanted to go home? Eboni K. Williams. She has been labeled “angry” by Luann de Lesseps, which is strange considering Lu has been on a show with Ramona Singer since 2008. Heather also tried to compliment Eboni by saying she is “articulate”, which didn’t go down so well despite her close relationship with Beyoncé Knowles. Basically what we are given is a group of women who will spend 3 hours selecting an outfit but the thought of thinking before they speak is a non-factor.

After all of the fireworks between Woke 1 and Woke 2, implications of assault have entered the room. Heather and Leah’s relationship went from 0 to 60 and then from Karen to dingbat. Recently Heather was on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen and WWHL shared a clip on Twitter. Andy wanted to know if Heather agreed with Luann that Leah was “looking for a reason” to lash out and maybe Heather should have kept her mouth shut. We already know Ramona thinks Leah should be given a pass, but does Heather concur?


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The Magic 8 Ball says signs point to not a chance in living hell. Heather responded to Andy by saying, “No, I think it was better for Leah to go home.” In Holla Heather’s defense, many people want Leah to go home, forget she was ever on television, and remain content making over-priced sweatpants. That said, Leah received a raise for her second RHONY trip around the sun and if she makes it through relatively unscathed, she will have conquered the dreaded Sophomore Curse that has whisked less enduring Housewives away after only two seasons.

As for whether or not Leah should have been with her family, that is no one’s call to make but Leah’s. It was smack in the middle of Covid and chances are very good she would not have been able to visit her grandmother in a hospital setting. It’s also easy to clock someone in a sensitive position especially after they screamed at you under the neon glow of a stripper limo. I’m not sure there are any winners in this scenario.


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Heather and Leah clearly clashed and maybe Heather has a twinge of jealousy because Leah had her old job such a huge fan base (now past tense) after her first season. But a storyline is a storyline and RHONY is treading into waters they have never waded through before. Both Leah and Heather have things they can bring to the show, but the better question isn’t #teamleah or #teamheather, it’s deciding between the lesser of two evils and hoping for the best.


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