Garcelle Beauvais Teases Drama With Dorit Kemsley; Tells Fans “Keep Watching Because It’s My Turn”

I can’t put my finger on what is going on with Dorit Kemsley this season on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Ever since Lisa Vanderpump left the show, Dorit’s turned out glam looks and not much else. Her most memorable scene this season was the women’s reaction to her claiming she’s never had a nose job. Otherwise, there hasn’t been a whole lot going on with her, except for rehashing the same fight with Kyle Richards every year. Like it or not, RHOBH is the Sutton Stracke show these days with a hearty serving of Erika Jayne on the side.

But according to the RHOBH teasers, Dorit will have some issues incoming. While she’s one of the girls in the gang going easy on Erika amidst her ongoing legal saga, she does point out the “orphans and widows” who Tom Girardi allegedly ripped off to fund EJ’s glam squad. And she recently called Garcelle Beauvais inauthentic, so it had to be for a reason. Maybe because Garcelle is putting the work this season calling out all of the great “actors,” especially Lisa Rinna, on the show. It’s about time.

But Garcelle recently got her moment on Watch What Happens Live to share her two cents on her RHOBH co-stars. And she teased an impending feud with Dorit. It started with a fan asking Garcelle to pick a side in the Kyle/Dorit drama. “I think Dorit is really sensitive when it comes to her talking a lot,” Garcelle began. Oh, I already like where this is going. “But we interject, that’s what we do as human beings, right? So I think Kyle wanted to say something and Dorit felt offended by it and then it blew up.”

And then she spilled the REAL tea. “But keep watching because it’s my turn,” Garcelle added. Cue the evil laughter. I love the shade, mostly because Garcelle tends to have a good reason to go at it with the ladies. But what could they possibly fight over?


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Andy Cohen also hyped up the impending feud. He said he watched a future episode from this season and mentioned to Garcelle that she gets “it from someone else. someone that I didn’t even expect.” She nods and immediately knows who he’s talking about. Who could it be — Kathy Hilton? Will Kathy get involved in any real drama this season? Or just bring comedic relief. I’m honestly down with it going either way after her performance thus far.

The hype is real for Dorit to get into the drama with someone new. She’s gotta give us more than designer looks and PK Kemsley’s sense of humor. And this time, the drama (thankfully) doesn’t involve a pup named Lucy Lucy Apple Juicy. Bring it, English girl.


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