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Dorit Kemsley Calls Lisa Vanderpump “Very Childish” For Scribbling On Cast Members’ Faces On Fan’s Photo; Says Lisa Is “Still Holding On To Something”

Dorit Kemsley kicked off Season 11 of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills with a glammed-up barbecue. That is so on-brand for Dorit.

She formerly designed bathing suits and named them after her co-stars. Now Dorit is upping her fashion game. She is designing bridal gowns.

Dorit made the announcement on Instagram, posting a sexy photo of herself in a lace gown. At least Kyle Richards can rest easy that Dorit isn’t coming for her caftan line.

During Season 9 of RHOBH, Dorit’s friendship with Lisa Vanderpump went up in flames because of “puppy-gate.” Dorit adopted a puppy from Vanderpump Dogs, but Dorit determined it wasn’t a good fit. The designer didn’t return the dog to the organization, and it ended up at a shelter.

When the Beverly Hills ladies accused Lisa of leaking Dorit’s doggy drama to the tabloids, Lisa severed ties with her long-time friends, Kyle and Dorit. Then Lisa exited the franchise.

According to Reality Blurb!, Dorit slammed Lisa on RHOBH alum Teddi Mellencamp’s podcast, Teddi Tea Pod. Apparently, Lisa and Dorit were at the same restaurant in Los Angeles recently. “We did not say a word to one another. [Lisa] knew I was there. I knew she was there,” Dorit said. “We never made eye contact; we never went up to one another.” So, is there any chance for renewing their friendship?


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Dorit stated, “She’s made her position very, very clear, and that’s been outside of publicly how she talks about us, even intimately to our friends, how she feels about [Paul “PK” Kemsley] and I and how she’s really not interested in a friendship. And that’s all I need to know,” Dorit commented. “I would have loved for us to have been able to find a way to rekindle a friendship or to move past any animosity.”

But Lisa’s recent feud with Kyle is bothering Dorit. Lisa and her husband, Ken Todd, were dining at the same restaurant as Kyle and a producer on Lisa’s show, Overserved with Lisa Vanderpump. Lisa sent her bill over to the producer as a joke.

Kyle was interviewed on Watch What Happens Live, and she spilled some tea. A fan asked Lisa to sign a RHOBH cast photo. Vanderpump put Xs through all of our faces and mustaches and crossed us out and then put a heart next to her name and signed it and ruined his photo,” Kyle said. Lisa insisted that the photo belonged to a paparazzi, not a fan.


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Dorit explained, “The thing that I find particularly childish is that with this paparazzi shot when she Xed out all of our faces, she thinks it’s humorous, like sending the bill to the producer and leaving and saying, ‘Buy me dinner.’” But Dorit wasn’t amused. “These are very humorous to her… [But] they’re not so funny, and it’s very childish.”

Lisa may have left the show, but she is still involved in the drama. Dorit said on the podcast that Lisa “obviously [hasn’t] let go” and is “still holding on to something.” She continued, “I think with Lisa, if she doesn’t have control over a person or a friendship or a relationship or the narrative, it doesn’t work for her.”

Dorit decided to leave Lisa in her rear-view. Dorit shared, “I’m free of some toxic energy that I really don’t need in my life.”


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