Fans Slam Dorit Kemsley For Being Friendly With Garcelle Beauvais After Calling Her “Inauthentic”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills seems to have finally got a cast shake-up it needs for Season 11. The women were getting a little too comfortable with their gang mentality, particularly after their crusade to outing Denise Richards. Now we have Crystal Kung Minkoff, who revealed more about her personal life in 5 minutes than Erika Jayne has given us throughout her entire housewives’ career. Sutton Stracke has a diamond of her own and apparently isn’t afraid to stir the pot and ask the women, particularly Mrs. Girardi, the tough questions this season. Garcelle Beauvais is back for a second season, and this time around she’s not letting up on Lisa Rinna or anyone who needs to be called out. And Kathy Hilton is the newest (and most amazing) friend-of here to bug the hell out of her sister Kyle “Doogie” Richards.

The RHOBH ladies needed a few new faces to come in and make them own it, because shady Rinna is obviously not the authority on keeping it real no matter what she says. Aside from Erika’s fraud case and sham divorce, plenty of the other ladies have dealt with infidelity rumors, legal drama, and more that they love to keep off the cameras. And the best way to do that is to team up and exposing other people. Like, these women think that TEDDI MELLENCAMP makes great TV. They’re obviously not in-tune with what really makes a good season of Real Housewives. They all just need to watch the Real Housewives of New Jersey and take some notes.

While the Season 11 drama is rumored to involve every lady in the group, some of the women have been teaming up on the newbies when it comes to their answers with the press. For example, Dorit Kemsley recently said Garcelle is the least authentic person in the group. Funny, because she said that after Garcelle made the same dig at the rest of the cast, saying they’re all “great actors.”

Well, fans were not happy with Dorit for coming for our girl Garcelle. Garcelle posted a photo on Instagram of her having some family time with her two sons. Dorit commented “so lovely” and fans couldn’t help but come for her in the replies. “I thought you said Garcelle was the least authentic on the show? Not very authentic of you to be in her Insta comments if you truly felt that. Or are you mean girls planning another takedown?” one, very savage, comment reads. No lies were told.

Other viewers kept it short with their shade, writing comments like, “It’s the audacity for me,” “Who’s not being authentic now?” and “Lovely, but not authentic, right?” I’m surprised PK Kemsley hasn’t swooped in the replies to fight his wife’s battles defend the fans coming for his wife. Maybe he can even see that they have a point.


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The comments truly do not let up. “Didn’t you say Garcelle is the least authentic on RHOBH this season? Now you wanna come here and comment ‘lovely’? Please, Dorit, keep the same energy you had in that interview. With different accents every season,” someone wrote. The accent dig will never not be funny.

Some fans compared Dorit’s shady antics to that of Rinna, who is also guilty of being all bark, no bite from time to time. “Dorit is the younger version of Rinna,” someone wrote. I’m surprised Rinna didn’t try to come in and clap back on that one. We know she loves looking tough on Instagram when she’s not posting dance videos.

Fans truly just want Dorit to STAY AWAY from Garcelle or befriend her fully, not this fake nonsense. “Did you just say she’s inauthentic? But, here you go your inauthentic ass acting inauthentic under her post,” another person wrote. Props to them for using the word “inauthentic” as many times as possible in one tiny comment.


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Another wrote, “Lovely but is it authentic? Looks authentic to me!! Are you authentic, Dorit? Please rise above the probable take down that’s in the works and be a friend to Garcelle. Why would you ever think you won’t be the next target?” Truly, it’s not as if some of the women like Erika and Kyle haven’t had plenty of issues with Dorit in the past. Now she’s showing allegiance to them as if nothing happened. It’s obvious she’s taking cues from some of the ladies who don’t want to reveal the skeletons in their own (rental) closets.

Let’s be clear that Dorit has mentioned Erika Girardi’s legal situation is “a lot on her shoulders.” You know who really needs some confidence to get through the case? The victims who were robbed of their settlement fees to fund a fake pop star’s made-up career. Yet, Garcelle is the one being fake. It’s probably just because she still has an acting career and some people are jealous. We’ll have to wait and see if a takedown is planned yet again for Season 11, or if the tribe of newbies will be able to persevere and make RHOBH interesting again.


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