Dorit Kemsley Says Sutton Stracke Is Stirring The Pot The Most On Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills; Thinks Sutton Did This To Earn A Full-Time Spot

It looks like the Puppygate Girl Gang did not die with the end of #puppygate. The level of commitment, or whatever blood pact situation that is happening here has become both predictable and somewhat boring. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ current season will revolve around Erika Jayne and the unyielding support of her co-stars. Better make that some of her co-stars.

While Dorit Kemsley has praised Erika for her amazing acting strength during such a difficult time, the same cannot be said for Sutton Stracke. Sutton has already been clocked for being the least supportive of Erika during the demise of her marriage. Now Dorit seems to think maybe Sutton acted this way to finally earn that diamond. Because implying someone does not believe Erika’s multitude of lies innocense is obviously too mind-boggling to consider.

The Puppygate Girl Gang now goes by the Fox Force Five but it all amounts to a group of women who back each other up because none of them have storylines. Correction, Erika has a storyline for the first time since 2016. Unfortunately it involves widows and orphans and burn victims being screwed out of money, which does not keep in line with her narrative of depressed and scorned divorcée. Because viewers haven’t been punished enough, Teddi Mellencamp put down her lunch of air and one lettuce leaf to make her comeback into the group. Thanks so much, Kyle Richards.

Teddi’s loss of a diamond was Sutton’s gift because after a friend-of role in Season 10, she is jeweled-up and ready to go. Since the beginning of Erika and Tom Girardi’s troubles, Sutton has remained largely out of the picture. And by that I mean Sutton isn’t sniveling over Erika and pretending to believe her pleas of ignorance regarding Tom’s multiple heinous fraud cases. Because Sutton is failing to stay in line, this translates into being a stunt queen to earn a diamond. Previously Kathy Hilton and Crystal Minkoff have also said Sutton is the chief pot-stirrer of Season 11, and now heeeeeeeeeere’s Dorit!


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According to an interview with Access, Dorit has jumped on the let’s get Sutton bandwagon. When asked who is stirring the pot the most this season, Dorit replied, “Sutton.” I’m sorry, I meant to say “Suh-In” because, accent. The interviewer wanted to know if Sutton is causing trouble because she just got a diamond and wants to keep it. Dorit responded, “Or it’s maybe how she got a diamond. Just saying.” Damn Dorit, how are you keeping that diamond, hon? Witness protection program?

Does questioning the validity of a possible sham divorce that may or may not have gone down in an effort to protect assets mean you are a pot-stirrer? Does not aligning with someone who has multiple pieces of evidence potentially implicating them mean you are a pot-stirrer? Or is this the new and improved tactic of ganging up on someone because they aren’t playing the game the way you want? Others have unceremoniously left RHOBH because they couldn’t take the heat, but hopefully Suh-In will stick around the kitchen and keep stirring the pot.


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