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Denise Richards Denies Giving An Ultimatum About Returning To Real Housewives If Lisa Rinna Exits The Show

Some Real Housewives of Beverly Hills viewers have strong opinions on how this particular cast conducts themselves in a hostile environment. Having disagreements is just part of the job, but it seems like events of an inorganic nature have invaded this franchise more often than not. Exhibit A: the ridiculous Puppygate saga or Exhibit B: the Brandi Glanville and Denise Richards alleged affair.

Playing a key role in both of these occasions was Lisa Rinna. Rinna identifies as more of a follower than a leader in that she’ll follow whatever Kyle Richards does, because worker bees have to stay close to their Queen. RHOBH lost two big players and rumor has it, one of them would consider coming back. On a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live, Garcelle Beauvais intimated Denise might entertain a return if “someone” left. Now Denise sets the record straight and “someone” thinks it’s real knee-slapper.

If Rinna packed her bags and hightailed it to Canada in search of Harry Hamlin’s resident whore from Muskoka, would anyone miss her? No one is particularly enamored by Kyle and Rinna teaming up with Dorit Kemsley (who I suspect basically dislikes all of them, but needs a check) and the most infamous Fox Force Felon, Erika Jayne.

Many viewers are still waiting for #justicefordenise, #justiceforlvp, and #justiceforkylesbangs but the only one who got a happy ending was Aaron Phypers. Garcelle was on WWHL and when Andy Cohen asked about Denise, Garcelle said, “I think she wants to come back.” Andy began noticeably salivating and replied, “Wow, let’s talk after the show”. Garcelle added, “Somebody’s gotta go though.”

After Garcelle’s episode, Twitter did it’s thing. One person wrote, “She’d come back for the [money]. Not to actually share her life on a reality show, which was the assignment.” Ma’am have you been watching? Denise shared her children, held parties that were mocked, spoke on personal issues, and filmed at her home until the damn thing almost burned down. How can anyone currently question Denise being “open and honest” as long as Erika has a pulse?


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A commenter replied, “She showed/shared more with us in 2 seasons than some wives do on their entire run eg Emily [Simpson] or Gina [Kirschenheiter] from RHOC, Denise was open honest raw as could be & we loved her & the ladies could not stand her popularity”. Denise answered directly, “Thank you. And with the very humiliating & public divorce I had, everything has been out there.”

Someone added, “Pay no attention to the haters – would love to see you come back!” It’s a fair assumption people might be more inclined to watch Denise over a woman who hasn’t had a storyline in… has Rinna ever had a storyline not involving Kim Richards? But hey, at least Rinna doesn’t steal from orphans and widows, as far as we know. Denise responded, “Thank you. And for the record. Did not demand an ultimatum.”


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Naturally Rinna was thrilled her name was being said, and not in relation to her daughter dating a middle-aged pimp moron this time. She reposted the WWHL clip on her Insta and wrote, “Hi!!!!”. Oof, Rinna is that you acting angry passive-aggressive? Then she probably removed most of her clothing, put on some hot classics from the 90’s and danced the night away. Before her choreographed routine to Nickelback, she made sure to update her Instagram Stories with plenty of information about Rinna Beauty, which most people think is an exercise in irony but is actually a make-up line.

Rinna won’t leave RHOBH as long as her major organs are functioning. Denise works a lot, so she doesn’t need RHOBH but RHOBH might need Denise. You never know, there could be a vacancy at the end of this season because someone might need to take time off for jail to regroup. And Denise could saunter back in locked, loaded, and prepared to make Rinna own it.


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