Shannon Beador Thinks Heather Dubrow Practiced Her Threat; Says Heather’s Threat “Seemed Very Scripted To Me”

Real Housewives of Orange County star Shannon Beador probably wasn’t happy when she learned that Heather Dubrow was coming back to class up the failing franchise. Shannon and Heather have a bumpy history. In an earlier season of RHOC, Shannon showed up at Heather’s door to confront her about spreading rumors about her cheating husband at the time, David Beador. Heather coldly ordered Shannon out of her house.

As filming began for the current RHOC season, a rumor surfaced that Shannon and Heather had a major fight at a cast party. Shannon’s boo, John Janssen, denied the allegations. And Shannon has called claims that she is jealous of Heather’s friendship with Gina Kirschenheiter “ludicrous.”

In the premiere episode of Season 16, Shannon told Emily Simpson and Gina a scandalous story. Shannon alleged that Heather’s friend, Nicole James, had sued Heather’s husband, Dr. Terry Dubrow, in the past for a botched boob job. Shannon swore the duo to silence.

At Heather’s fancy dinner party, Gina told Heather what Shannon said about Nicole. Heather was blindsided. She said that she was quitting the show and ordered the cameras to stop filming. She returned, with Terry, to check on Nicole.

But the party was definitely over for Shannon. Heather was furious at her. Shannon admitted that she regretted blabbing about Nicole on camera. Come on, girl. Own it!


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When Emily threw a party because her husband, Shane Simpson, finally passed the bar exam, Shannon was determined to make it up to Heather. Shannon apologized to Heather, but Heather issued a threat. “I’m sorry if this sounds harsh, but this is how I feel: If you ever come after me or my family ever again, you are going to lose a lot more than just my friendship. This will cost a lot,” Heather stated. “And I’m not saying this as a threat. I’m saying it as a promise.” Yikes! Cue the Erika Jayne vibes.

Shannon told Entertainment Tonight that she was still grappling with Heather’s words. “I was absolutely floored, I really was,” Shannon stated. “She did threaten me. And accusing me of going after her family, taking it to that next level, for the things that she said to me, going through my head was, ‘Are you gonna kill me?!'” Shannon explained. Maybe Shannon should chat with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Sutton Stracke about obtaining a security detail. Just kidding!

Shannon added, “Are you going to try to take away the business that I’ve created to support my children? Because that’s you threatening my family.” I don’t think that Heather was talking about ruining Shannon’s livelihood.

“There was another part of me going through this [saying], bravo!” Shannon commented. “How many times did you practice going through this in front of the mirror? Because it seemed very scripted to me.” Well, RHOC viewers know that Heather had quite an acting career.


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Shannon still gets upset when she watches that episode of RHOC. She stated, “It still bothers me today to hear Gina and to watch the episode, and to see that Heather thinks that I had such bad intentions and that I had deep-seeded, deep-rooted issues with her from the past, there couldn’t be anything further from the truth.” Really, Shannon? It seemed like you were all about pot-stirring behind the scenes.

Shannon added, “So, it’s a bit frustrating for me to watch, that they think I’m that type of person. But I’m very appreciative to those who have been supportive.” Shout out to Noella Bergener,  who is Team Shannon. She does feel bad about talking about Nicole and her lawsuit. “I did feel horrible about saying what I said to Gina and Emily. I had no intention of the whole lawsuit thing being put out there,” Shannon told Entertainment Tonight.


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