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Vanderpump Rules Recap: Wine Country Of Fools

Is everyone ready for another Vanderpump Rules episode where James Kennedy freaks out? Over the last several episodes, it’s happened far too much. It’s not difficult to comprehend what might’ve led to his split from Raquel Leviss. The behavior is off the rails. His switch to anger is quick and doesn’t take much.

Isn’t it weird watching James & Raquel plan their engagement party? Knowing these two aren’t actually going to wed takes a lot of the excitement out of the scene, but whatever.

There’s a lot of underlying tension going into the event between James & Brock Davies. It isn’t a great place for any of them to be in. If James had any inkling about the surprise wedding Brock’s planning, he’d lose his shit so hard. Brock’s really teetering the line between cute and shady with this. I’d be pissed if I was James & Raquel.

I don’t want to hear anything about Brock’s business. It wouldn’t surprise me if this is the reason why he’s in Scheana Marie’s life. He’s struck me as an opportunist since day one. I see right through him.

Scheana’s nervous things are weird between her and Raquel after the blowup with their men. Raquel’s not responding to any of her messages, so things are looking iffy. She should make a latch ditch effort to reach out to Raquel. If that doesn’t work, don’t go on the trip. There’s no reason to make things awkward for herself or everyone else because that accomplishes nothing.

For someone who seemingly has a severe lack of funds, Brock’s photo shoot looks so official. The price tag for the event looks way out of Brock’s range. Who is footing the bill for this? Is it Scheana? I thought he didn’t have the capital to do anything. Weird because he HAS to know people are going to comment on it.

James backs out of the event which isn’t shocking whatsoever because he’s made his feelings clear about this since the first time it was pitched. I’m not sure why he’s wasting his time and feigning illness. Just admit you don’t want to be there. Own it!

Charli Burnett’s in this scene as well. However, you wouldn’t know it because she’s been given the weirdest main cast edit ever. Sometimes she’s heavily featured, and other times, she’s a fly on the wall. Their treatment of Charli’s been all over the place at best.

Katie Maloney Vanderpump Rules

It’s bizarre that Scheana’s already working on the prenuptial agreement, but it’s smart. The one off-putting thing about all of it is how eager Brock is to sign it. It’s like he wants to prove to the world how great of a man he is.

Katie Maloney & Ariana Madix are seeking out Randall Emmett as a possible investor. Ariana’s running late for the meeting with Randall. How are you not going to show up for something so critical? You’re asking for a shit ton of money, and you can’t be bothered to arrive on time? Good luck getting someone to fork over cash like that.

Randall isn’t playing around and sets a timer for 30 minutes. The whole thing is a joke. The sandwich shop is a joke as well. All of the storylines this season feel fake and forced. I’d be surprised if this show gets picked up for another season after this. It’s BAD.

Ariana finally saunters into the meeting, and I can’t even be mad. They already have a more solid name than the Toms do. That’s the first step to getting their fledgling idea of the ground. Randall wants to be a part of this so damn badly. All the man wants is a hoagie in his name. Give him what he wants! Hopefully his partners come through and give him the green light to fund their project.

Brock Davies Vanderpump Rules

After signing the agreement, a deeply emotional Brock officially gets down on one knee to propose. I must be a heartless human for not sharing any joy for them. I’m watching this and digging so far deep down to get a sliver of happiness. Can’t do it. Not a fan of this man AT ALL because something has always felt off.

Scheana doesn’t want to take anything away from James & Raquel, but Brock’s insistent. She doesn’t see the need to wait to get married. but this might go horribly wrong. Brock’s already got her convinced this is the right thing to do. This is the shittiest thing you could do as someone’s friend. I know James & Raquel eventually call it quits, but that’s not the point. This isn’t what friends do to one another.

The destination for the engagement party is breathtaking. The rooms look like they’re part of a real castle. Gorgeous! James & Raquel knocked it out of the park with this one. Absolutely stunning.

Ariana’s concerned about the way James grabbed a hold of Raquel. She tried pleading her concerns to Raquel, but an irate James once again hijacked the conversation. His anger issues must’ve played a pivotal role in the downfall of their relationship. He’s too all over the place for it not to be a factor.

Tom Sandoval’s so nervous at the idea of Brock stealing the spotlight from James. He’s going to freak out. James is probably the worst possible person to do something like this to. He’s a stick of dynamite waiting for someone to light him up and explode.

James apologizes to Ariana & Brock, but the vibe he’s giving off says the opposite. He’s clearly still pissed off at Brock and looking for a fight. I don’t care for Brock, but all James is doing is proving his point. James has no idea how to talk to anyone because he doesn’t know how to listen.

Paranoia’s growing amongst the group about Brock & Scheana’s secret wedding. Sandoval’s starting to crack. Everything’s on the verge of unraveling. Bring on the drama! Next week’s season finale’s going to be one for the ages.


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