Sonja Morgan Explains Why She Got Banned From TikTok

The future of Real Housewives of New York is up in the air, but my love for Sonja Morgan will never waiver. Sonja is the straw that stirs the drink. What I would do to intern for her for a day, following her around her chaotic townhouse picking up Marley’s poop. Goals. Everybody loves Sonja, even if she’s unhinged at times. Yes, she sometimes drinks too much and says the wrong thing. But her heart is pure and she has good intentions. Who knows what the future holds on the show, but let’s hope it features more of the wacky world of Sonjarita.

So it really FREAKING bothered me when has-been Heather Thomson inserted herself into the RHONY narrative yet again by coming for Lady Morgan. Heather is bitter that her comeback failed and is decided to go after Sonja, who did nothing wrong. Yes, Holla Heather has moved on from slamming Leah McSweeney to Sonja. If only the RHONY ladies would ban together and hold Ramona Singer accountable for once. Then that’d be a productive way to channel this anger.

Anyways, Heather decided to spread rumors that Sonja is a drunken mess who allowed men to stick lit cigarettes up her vagina. Yes, there are like 80 things wrong with this statement, the most being that Sonja says it isn’t true. The RHONY ladies like Leah and Luann de Lesseps had Miss Morgan’s back on the matter, as it was so uncalled for. But Heather had to have her two seconds in the spotlight and doubled down on the claims. As always, Sonja with a Sexy J is coming out on top and making a joke about it.


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During a quick appearance on Watch What Happens Live, Sonja decided to grace the Bravo viewers with her always-welcomed presence. Of all things she could’ve talked about, she landed on TikTok. And shared a hilarious story of how she actually got herself banned from the social media platform. “I was with Josh Flagg talking about selling my hoo-ha for $20 grand. I was just kidding,” she explained. “There were no lit cigarettes” Only Sonja. It’s even better because Sonja’s Million Dollar Listing buddy defended her back when Holla Heather started talking all of this nonsense.

I love a good Real Housewives TikTok moment, so it’s only fitting that Sonjarita would find a way to get herself banned from the platform. It only makes me miss seeing her on my TV that much more, so I hope the wait won’t be much longer.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]