Todrick Hall Canceled All Interviews After Losing Celebrity Big Brother

The jury on Celebrity Big Brother didn’t hide their feelings about entertainer Todrick Hall when they voted in the finale. Todrick and his ride-or-die ally, Miesha Tate, made it to the finale. Miesha sent former Real Housewives of Atlanta star Cynthia Bailey out the door to become the final jury member.

Todrick played an aggressive Big Brother game along with Miesha, but he was far more savage. He convinced Head of Household Carson Kressley that his ally, Shanna Moakler, was gunning for him while working both sides of the house. Todrick lied about Shanna turning on Carson. Carson back-doored Shanna and thereby saved Miesha, who had tried to evict Carson repeatedly. Oof. Carson publicly apologized to Shanna after watching the show.

Out of the eight jury members, Miesha received a whopping seven votes with only Cynthia voting for Todrick. Of course, had Cynthia seen the shows and live feeds before her vote, her decision may have been different.

US Weekly reported that Todrick canceled all interviews that were scheduled to take place on February 23, 2022 following the finale. It is unclear if Todrick will speak out about his CBB experience in the future. Many members of the jury voiced their feelings about Todrick as they voted. And to say that the jury was salty is an understatement.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum Teddi Mellencamp was the first contestant voted out. She stated, “One of your favorite movies is Wizard of Oz, but you’ve forgotten that we can see behind the curtain, so I’m going to choose the lesser of two evils.” Burn!


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Shanna, who threatened to sour the jury against Todrick as she left the BB house, remarked, “The one thing that this vote ensures is that I will not ever have to hear your voice again.”

When Todrick won Head of Household, he nominated the house guests with a song and comedic remarks that fell flat. Basketball star Lamar Odom previously told US Weekly, “I think that was kind of obvious when he won the HOH. And then he even, after he won the HOH, he comes downstairs still singing. ‘HOH!” Lamar commented. “I thought that was a gloat. There’s a certain way to win and a certain way to lose.”

Lamar lashed out in an Instagram post after he was evicted, calling Todrick “a fake friend.” Lamar later clarified that he doesn’t have access to his Instagram account, and that his managers wrote the post. But the managers weren’t wrong.

NSYNC star Chris Kirkpatrick had tension with Todrick because Todrick mentioned the singer’s son. “It’s hard when someone plays a victim all the time and is a bully,” Chris stated.


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Actor Todd Bridges told host Julie Chen Moonves after his eviction that he planned to vote for Todrick. But once again, after watching the CBB content, Todrick’s manipulative behavior was his downfall.

Todrick played an evil game,” Todd explained. “Everything didn’t come together until I got out and watched the horrible things he said about me and Shanna [Moakler]. Then what he did with Carson [Kressley].” During the finale, Todd rolled his eyes every time Todrick spoke.

Most of the jury was burned by Todrick, so their shade was justified. Unfortunately for Todrick, he underestimated how his behavior and words would impact the contestants that decided his fate.


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