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Jackie Goldschneider Says Teresa Giudice Will Never “Evolve;” Calls Teresa’s Behavior “Classless”

Season 12 of Real Housewives of New Jersey was filled to the brim with drama. Teresa Giudice didn’t want anyone to question her fiancé, Luis “Louie” Ruelas, about his questionable past. RHONJ star Margaret Josephs refused to back down.

During dinner in Nashville, Teresa claimed that Margaret was feeding information about Luis to the blogs. Margaret called Teresa a liar, and then Teresa cleared off the table in Margaret’s lap.

The next night, Teresa issued an apology to the group, but insisted that her actions were provoked. Oh, and she didn’t mention Margaret. Teresa’s brother, Joe Gorga, applauded the non-apology. Margaret said that Joe was Teresa’s “enabler.”

Jackie Goldschneider pointed out that Teresa has “an easier time bullying a woman.” Last season, Teresa spread a rumor that Jackie’s husband, Evan Goldschneider, was stepping out on her. When Jackie insisted that Teresa personally apologize to Evan, Teresa didn’t want to do it. She issued the most uncomfortable apology in history.

When Jackie learned this season that Teresa asked their RHONJ co-star Jennifer Aydin to try and dig up dirt on Evan, she was furious. Then Teresa blamed Margaret for revealing that Jennifer’s husband, Bill Aydin, cheated on her a decade ago. “Teresa’s logic is totally… it makes absolutely no sense,” Jackie stated. “She’s just trying to make what she did last year, which was so vile, seem okay.”

Jackie spoke with Us Weekly’s podcast, Getting Real with the Housewives, about Teresa’s behavior in Nashville. “I don’t think that Teresa was justified in getting so upset at that dinner, but I never think that throwing things or any kind of physical violence is ever, ever OK,” Jackie remarked. “Use your words, even if they’re curse words, like scream as loud as you want, but the minute that you throw something at somebody or you physically attack them, it just crosses over into a territory that — it’s so classless that I don’t think it belongs on Housewives,” she added.

According to Jackie, Teresa had zero remorse for her behavior at the reunion. Shocker! Jackie stated that she doesn’t think that Teresa will ever “evolve,” even though she “wants to be a better person” for Luis.


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“[Luis] doesn’t like the fighting from what I gather,” Jackie explained. “He wants her to be friends with everybody and he wants to be friends with everyone’s husband.” She continued, “I think that maybe if he could influence her, I think that maybe would move her in the right direction, but on her own, I just don’t see it. There really was no remorse,” the mother of four added.

“She can attack, but once you go near her, she just thinks she’s on a different level than everybody else and deserves, you know, a ‘kiss the ring’ kind of respect,” Jackie commented. “I don’t think anyone else sees it like that. She just explodes if you disrespect her.” That’s been Teresa’s “mo” since the Season 1 table flip.

“There was no warm and fuzzy feelings at all and there were fights that you will not expect. It’s sort of like, ‘Where do you go from here?’” Jackie remarked. “I just don’t know how certain people are going to find their way back to a good place, but I guess, it remains to be seen.”

Since the reunion wrapped filming, Joe’s wife, Melissa Gorga, hasn’t spoken with Teresa. And Margaret isn’t on speaking terms with Teresa, either.


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