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Teresa Giudice Admits To Telling Jennifer Aydin To Investigate Evan Goldschneider Cheating Rumors

Real Housewives of New Jersey is on fire this season. Margaret Josephs revealed that Jennifer Aydin’s husband, Bill Aydin, cheated on her. It happened a decade ago while Jennifer was pregnant. Margaret considered it pay back for all the times that Jennifer slut-shamed her.

Teresa Giudice was sick of RHONJ co-stars Margaret and Traci Johnson questioning her fiancé, Luis “Louie” Ruelas’ colorful past. In particular, the cast had questions about a bizarre video of Louie at a warrior-style camp. Teresa was “disgusted” by Margaret’s behavior.

Last season, Teresa spread a rumor that Jackie Goldschneider’s husband, Evan Goldschneider, was cheating at the gym. Jackie clapped back with an analogy about Teresa’s daughter, Gia Giudice, doing drugs at parties. Teresa was infuriated by Jackie’s remark. Teresa is a hypocrite for not allowing anyone to question Louie’s past, while she merrily trashed Evan’s reputation. Just saying.


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During the most recent episode of RHONJ, Margaret and Jennifer discussed how Jennifer was digging for information about Evan’s alleged affair. Jennifer asked Margaret how she knew that Teresa didn’t do some sleuthing. Jennifer previously admitted that Teresa was angry at Jackie and that Jennifer dug for dirt “to appease” Teresa.

Margaret said that Jennifer asked Dolores Catania’s ex-husband, Frank Catania, for information about Evan’s supposed side chick. Frank, who is tight with all the Jersey husbands, made it clear that he didn’t believe that Evan cheated.

According to Reality Blurb!, the cast addressed Teresa’s role in the Evan drama on the RHONJ: After Show. “When she said that, I immediately said to her, ‘So what are you saying? Teresa told you to call Serena? Teresa told you to call?’ And she didn’t answer and then I knew the answer,” Margaret said of her conversation with Jennifer. “I was shocked she told me but I think she was sick of being on the frying pan.”


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Teresa finally admitted that she told Jennifer to reach out for more details, but only because Jennifer “knew the girl” involved. Teresa explained, “She lives in the town that they live in. I even said to her, I was like, ‘If you know her, ask her. See if this rumor… if she’s heard the rumor. Because she lives in the same town. And if she says no, then you know that it’s not true,’” she added. So, Teresa asked Jennifer to find proof a rumor that Teresa made up? My head is spinning.

Margaret slammed Teresa for not telling the truth sooner and defending Jennifer. “Jennifer’s getting it from every angle from us,” Margaret stated. “And then in the meanwhile, Teresa never said, ‘Alright guys, I asked her to call.’ So, I think Jennifer was like, ‘Enough already.’”


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Jackie said that she can no longer trust Jennifer or Teresa. Jackie remarked, “When you apologized to me last year at the reunion, you apologized to husband, saying [you’d] ‘never do anything to hurt you,’ how sorry were you, actually, if this was still going on?” She continued, “She uses Jennifer as her puppet, like she knows Jennifer is going to do whatever she says to do and that’s why I can’t trust Teresa and I can’t trust Jennifer.”

Jennifer defended her bestie status with Teresa. “If this is what this girl needs for you to be her friend, if you care enough to be [someone]’s friend, it’s called compromising. right?” Jennifer said. “We compromise in relationships.” It’s time that Teresa showed up for Jennifer. After all, Jennifer has been Teresa’s loyal soldier since joining the RHONJ cast.


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