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Andy Cohen Explains Cutting Lisa Rinna’s Receipts From The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Reunion

There was drama galore at the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion, and much of it centered on Lisa Rinna. Rinna and Kathy Hilton’s bitter feud about Aspen was the highlight of the RHOBH reunion. Kathy called Rinna “the biggest bully in Hollywood.”

Sutton Stracke asked Rinna why she was “brutal” to her all season. Rinna was grieving the loss of her mother, Lois Rinna, and she stated that her grief was misdirected at her co-stars.

A feud from last year about tickets to the Elton John gala reared its head again this season. Rinna went ballistic on Sutton, yelling she would “f**king cut [Sutton] down!”

During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live in September of 2021, Sutton shared that she invited Rinna and her husband, Harry Hamlin, to the Elton John AIDS Foundation Gala. “I invited them to the Elton John gala. And they came with me as my guests,” Sutton remarked. “I never got a thank you.” Queens of Bravo on Instagram shared slides and video clips.

During WWHL, Rinna addressed Sutton’s diss on her Instagram Story in real time. Rinna wrote, “We didn’t come as your guests @suttonstracke. @eltonjohn invited us to his event, you asked us to sit at your table, so we did.” Rinna added, “Let’s just make that clear.”

Sutton told host Andy Cohen during the commercial break that the tickets were $10,000 each, and she bought a table. She maintained that she paid for the couple’s tickets.

On the next slide, Rinna hit back again. She posted a photo of herself, and Harry dressed to the nines. “#tbt The Elton John Oscar Party. February 25, 2019. Guests of Elton, not Sutton,” Rinna wrote.

Sutton made the comments on WWHL because Rinna came for Garcelle Beauvais for not thanking Harry for a jar of his homemade sauce. Sutton apologized at Harry’s birthday dinner, but the dispute came up again later in the season.

One of the viewers’ biggest questions about the Season 12 reunion was what was in Rinna’s secret envelope? Page Six reported that Andy spilled the tea about Rinna’s receipts on his Andy Cohen Live SiriusXM radio show. The envelopes contained “receipts relating to the Elton John AIDS Foundation ticket snafu.” Did Elton John weigh in?

“We just wound up cutting it all out,” Andy stated. “There were a lot of decisions made in the edit to cut down many conversations.”

Andy added that “every topic” was talked about, and “beat to death.” The Beverly Hills ladies “filmed for a very long time” and “talked about a lot.”

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He continued, “We had a lot to get into three episodes. If [the reunion] had been any longer, I feel like everyone would’ve complained that it was too long, but now people are complaining, ‘Why didn’t you talk about this more? Why didn’t you talk about that more?’” Andy commented.

Rinna was the first to be onstage at the beginning of filming and brought out manilla envelopes. “Wow, she’s got manilla envelopes,” Andy stated.

“F–k yeah,” Rinna replied. “Of course I do.” She then slipped the envelopes behind a pillow on the couch.

This reunion was heavy and difficult to watch at times. The ladies didn’t even take a photo together! But why tease us by showing Rinna’s envelopes and then not revealing the receipts? So unfair!


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