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Real Housewives Of Potomac Season 7 Episode 13 Recap: Sparks Fly In Mexico

The Real Housewives of Potomac continues to give us everything and more, with shade like no other and fresh drama each and every week. Season 7, Episode 13, titled “Sisterhood of the Traveling Beefs,” took viewers on a rollercoaster of emotions. From a surprising feud between Jacqueline Blake and Mia Thornton to the huge blow-up between Charisse Jackson Jordan and Karen Huger, I think that’s only scratching the surface of what’s to come.

If I know the Housewives, we’re also going to get a continuation of Ashley Darby and Candiace Dilliard-Bassett’s argument from Karen’s live show regarding her friend’s allegation about her husband, Chris Bassett. And who knows, we may even see Candiace vs. Gizelle Bryant again as well. In the meantime, here are five takeaways from the latest episode of RHOP.

Robyn’s Wedding That Never Was

So I am a huge Robyn fan. I’ve loved her since the first season of the show. I was so excited for her when she got engaged because I knew that would secure her at least another season or two as she preps for her wedding. Well, now we’re two seasons later, and she’s barely given us anything. In this most recent episode, she invites a custom stylist to fit her husband, Juan Dixon, and their two sons, Corey and Carter, for tuxedos.

Now that Juan has agreed to sign the prenup, she can actually plan her wedding (so Robyn says). She told this wedding planner their hope was to get married in July. When they filmed this scene, July was 40 days away. Stop the lies, Robyn! My personal theory is they met before as a family to decide what to say and hired this guy to come over with a measuring tape to give the producers content.

Let’s be real, no Housewife is planning a super low-key wedding with literally no one but themselves, not even their parents, yet film the entire process leading up to it. Be for real with us! Clearly, we know it was all for show because they didn’t obtain their marriage certificate until August. In the words of Charisse Jackson Jordan, “Liar!”

RHOP Vacation In Mexico

Finally! The cast trip is finally here. True Housewives fans know this is where sh–t goes down. Or hits the fan. Whichever you prefer, but before we get to the drama, Karen let the viewers know that she would be co-hosting this trip with Ashley because it’s her birthday. Ashley has taken control of the activities and plans to put the ladies through a rigorous schedule while there. No sitting by the pool and sipping margaritas. Ashley wants to ensure the ladies are sightseeing and appreciating the culture around them. I can respect that. And it’s better content for us as viewers, anyway.

The Fall-out Of Jacquline And Mia

Welp. We’re finally here. The part in the season where Jacqueline and Mia’s friendship starts to crumble. Throughout this entire episode, we were able to see a closer look at Jacqueline and Mia’s friendship. Mia shared that she’s been frustrated with Jacqueline because, at the time, she would always ask Mia to watch her kids, take care of them, and feed them. Mia grew increasingly tired of that. I don’t blame her at all. Those are not her children, and she shouldn’t feel obligated to have to care for them.

While the ladies were on the plane to Mexico, Mia and Jacqueline had a heated discussion about parenting. From what the rest of the cast was saying, the conversation centered around them not agreeing on how to raise their kids. Mia said that Jacqueline said, “It takes a village to raise a family, but you wouldn’t know nothing about that.”

Oof. I don’t not believe Mia. However, we know she likes to add a little extra sauce to her stories to make them interesting. And these girls have been friends for 20 years. There’s no way Jacqueline would say something so insensitive when she’s been open about her childhood trauma, right? Well, I guess she did, and here we are.

When the ladies were finally off the plane and seated, the cast tried to get Mia and Jacqueline to discuss their problems. Both of them at the time were saying how they’re sisters, and they fight like this all of the time, and they’ll be fine in no time. Jacqueline said she felt this was their worst fight of all time. Mia disagreed — reminding her of the time she threw a brick at her in the 11th grade because she wouldn’t let her copy her math homework. Yikes. This friendship sounds pretty toxic, and if it were me, I would’ve dipped a long time ago.

After Mia brought up the brick throw, Jacqueline said she felt Mia needed “more d–k.” Mia didn’t respond very well to this. She told Jacqueline not to “try me” before eventually channeling her inner NeNe Leakes, saying, “Keep your legs closed to married men.” Mouth drop. Hello?? What is happening here!? Damn, Mia! This is your bestie. Even if that’s true, you’re airing her out like that?

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Besties no more

After this explosive fight between now-former besties Mia and Jacquline, the ladies head outside to the beach to meet a shaman. Of course, we’re used to seeing these sorts of spiritual ceremonies taking place on the Real Housewives franchise, and they typically tend to be a bit of a healing moment for the ladies who have major beef to work out. However, whatever this shaman did clearly didn’t work. Because as the ladies were wrapping up and making their way around the group with hugs, Mia tried to hug Jacqueline, and she got an extremely cold shoulder. It looks like when Jacqueline screamed, “I’m done with you,” to Mia, she meant it. And truthfully, I think that’s the healthy thing to do.

Charisse Vs. Karen Part 1

Since the beginning of the season, fans have thankfully been reintroduced to Charisse. A Season 1 OG who carried the first two seasons, alongside Gizelle, when they fought over the “firefighter boyfriend” comment Gizzy made on Watch What Happens Live. After exiting the series at the end of Season 3, she’s now in a recurring role. However, that doesn’t mean everyone was excited to welcome her back to the Potomac circle.

Karen, for some reason, has a huge issue with Charisse. None of us know why, but would love, love, love an answer so we can make sense of the drama between these two. At Robyn’s wacky tacky family fun day event, Charisse showed up, and as soon as she did, Karen ran to the opposite side of the field, claiming to not feel well before swiftly leaving the scene.

Gizelle and Robyn were saddened for Charisse because she was the only cast member who didn’t receive an invite to Karen’s live show event. The ladies were specifically confused because Karen went out of her way to invite ex-Housewife Katie Rost. And she even invited Jacqueline, who’s also an official “friend-of” this season. So why couldn’t Cha Cha get an invite? Gizelle let it be known she would get to the bottom of it on their trip to Mexico.

During one of their group dinners, Gizelle eased the two ladies into having the conversation, and it didn’t end too well. Although we got a typical “TO BE CONTINUED” cliffhanger, the little snippet we saw before looked promising. Charisse banged the table, Karen followed suit and even shouted with her finger in Charisse’s face, “What you will NOT do is talk about my mother.” Whew. Ok, Karen. I don’t think she was talking negatively about your mother, I think you just want a reason to blow up so the ladies won’t question you, and you can disengage from this conversation without giving the ladies the real reason why you guys don’t get along.


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