VANDERPUMP RULES -- Season:10 -- Pictured: Lala Kent -- (Photo by: Tommy Garcia/Bravo)

Vanderpump Rules Star Lala Kent Gives Update On Her Friendship With Katie Maloney

Katie Maloney and Lala Kent’s friendship has once again done a 180. Last we heard, the two Vanderpump Rules stars were not talking. But now, Lala has flipped into one of her notorious handstands and contradicted her words from last month.

Fans had been waiting for the highly anticipated premiere of Season 10. So, of course Lala was asked to give an update on her friendship with Katie.

There was speculation that the Give Them Lala Beauty founder’s friendship with Scheana Shay would interfere with her relationship with Katie. Especially in light of the fact that Katie blames Scheana for the hookup between Raquel Leviss and her ex-husband Tom Schwartz.

At the Pump Rules premiere party at SUR, Lala told Us Weekly that she and Katie are vibing again. “I think [Katie] has her feelings, and I always want to make sure she feels protected and heard. And I feel like we’re back in a very good place,” Lala explained. She added, “But this is what happens when you get a group like this together.”

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It’s always a struggle to balance the needs of all members of a friend group. Lala said as much in her interview. “We’re very passionate, you know? We definitely feel the feels, but I just hope that I can baby all of my friendships — even if they have to be separate. I just want everyone to know that I love you, I care about you, and how can I baby you in moments where you’re not feeling safe?” she added.

“I’m trying to baby everyone. I’m going through the motions,” Lala explained. “Like, one day I wanna rip everyone’s head off the next day I’m like, ‘Let me baby you.’ I don’t know what’s going on.”

Sounds like an accurate description of what we heard was going on between Lala and Katie. In January 2023, Katie took to her podcast to announce that the “vibes are definitely off.

“So many people asked about [Katie],” Lala responded on her podcast Give Them Lala. “So of course, I was like, ‘Why are people asking this?’ Well, now I know that someone asked Katie this on her podcast, and she said, ‘The vibes are definitely off.’ So I guess the vibes are definitely off,” Lala said.

So what actually happened between these two friends? Apparently Lala forgot to wish Katie a happy birthday on January 16, 2023, and a heated DM dialogue followed.

“I got a lot going on,” Lala explained at the time. “That is the least of my concern. And I hope she had a very happy birthday. It slipped my mind that it was her birthday because it was MLK Day. … I completely spaced it.” She continued, “You know, with MLK Day happening and I had [my daughter] Ocean [Kent] and she was feeling sick. So there’s that.”

Anticipating another downward spiral in their friendship, Lala joked, “I’m sure something else will happen to unpatch everything.”

Katie has a more positive outlook. She told Us Weekly that she “really love[s] Lala” and “hopes” their relationship stays on track.

“We’re better now. There was a little bit of a misunderstanding, you know, miscommunication that happened between us,” Katie explained. “We just like spent some time not talking for a little while. And she spent some time hanging out with someone else.”

As for Scheana, she was less gregarious in her answers. Katie was noticably absent from her wedding to Brock Davies in August 2022. When asked to give an update on their friendship, Scheana said, “Ask her.”


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