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Harry Hamilin’s Ex-Wife Nicollette Sheridan Says Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Producers Are “Desperate”; Knocking On Her Door

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has needed a big cast shake-up for several years. After Lisa Vanderpump was bullied out in Season 9, the Fox Force Five took over and continued their process of dismissing anyone they didn’t like. Denise Richards followed shortly thereafter and the show became a puddle of toxicity with Lisa Rinna wearing the messiest rain boots and jumping right in.

Fans wanted Rinna put in her place and began calling for some new blood. Former star of Desperate Housewives Nicolette Sheridan has been in everyone’s mouth for quite a while. Seeing Nicolette mix with Harry Hamlin’s sloppy seconds truly would have been a sight to behold.

In 2020 Andy Cohen said Nicolette would have no shot on the show because of Rinna. Nicolette engaged in a Twitter feud with Lisa over Harry and Michael Bolton back in 2019. During Season 9 Lisa waxed poetic about Nicolette leaving Harry for Michael because the 1990’s were a wild time, man. Nicolette took great pleasure in clocking Lisa’s version of the story and setting her on a path to the truth.

Fun fact: Nicolette was also married to Denise’s current husband Aaron Phypers. For me, she will always be known as Leif Garrett’s ex and yes–I am ancient. Nicolette has great ties to the show and would definitely be an interesting addition, but does anyone want her now that Rinna is gone?

According to Page Six, apparently, the RHOBH producers want her. Over the weekend Nicolette tweeted, “Knocking at my door…how desperate are y’all to have me? @BravoTV @Andy #RHOBH.” She then replied to her own comment with a Jack Nicholson GIF pulled from The Shining where Jack Torrance is doing the whole “Here’s Johnny” scene. So either the producers are being extremely aggressive, or Nicolette has a problem judging the depths of someone’s interest.

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Rinna has previously said everyone is going to have to “show up” and “work hard” in her absence, but I’m fine with “hiring Nicolette” just to take the piss out of her for a minute. Nicolette’s social media tease received mixed reactions from her followers.

Obviously, a lot of people would be thrilled to see Nicolette on the show. There is little doubt she would take anyone’s crap. But other fans felt her time to enter the show left with Lisa’s exit. The primetime maximum drama really would have been seeing her face off with Rinna and watching Garcelle Beauvauis’ bemused expression from a distance.

One commenter wrote, “I’ll admit I was desperate to have you on #RHOBH too but only to see the Rinna takedown & I think that ship has sailed now. Why did you hold off for so long? We’ve been begging you for years! Such a missed opportunity.” Soft agree. Nicolette is great but the itch we really wanted to scratch was seeing Lisa get a taste of her own medicine. Nicolette would definitely talk about the husband.

It remains to be seen if something is on the horizon for Nicolette and RHOBH. Page Six did reach out to Bravo for a comment, but they are not responding. We’ll have to wait and see if Nicolette’s tease turns into a diamond.


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]