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Vanderpump Rules Alum Kristen Doute Says Ariana Madix “Doesn’t Have A Leech That’s Dragging Her Down” After Tom Sandoval Split

A boon of the Vanderpump Rules ladies is how they rally around one of their own. Most recently, Ariana Madix received tremendous support from Scheana Shay, Katie Maloney, and Kristen Doute after discovering her boyfriend of nearly a decade was cheating on her with Raquel Leviss.

This trio was papped arriving at Ariana’s house shortly after the news broke to bring flowers and wine. Whatever was said probably veered between bashing Raquel, bashing Tom Sandoval, and encouraging Ariana to live her best life.

It’s unclear whether the gathering was filmed for Pump Rules Season 10. But thankfully in this post-covid world, all of these ladies have podcasts so fans can get a feel for what Scheana, Kristen, Katie, and Lala Kent are saying about the scandal.

According to an article from People, Lala and Kristen appeared on a recent episode of Scheananigans. Host Scheana called it an “emergency” gathering to discuss all the updates from Raquel’s affair with Sandoval.

Lala has been going after Sandoval hard in the press, she labeled him “a narcissist.” She also predicted his pattern of behavior will repeat with Raquel. “He’s going to do it to her. He’s going to do it to Raquel. He’s going to do it to his next partner. He’s a soul-sucking human,” the Give Them Lala podcast host said.

Lala responded to a comment Raquel lobbed at her during the Season 9 reunion. It certainly hasn’t aged well. She added, “I was actually called a mistress by Raquel Leviss. That’s rich!”

Kristen said, “This is all very surreal that this occurred with he and Raquel behind Ariana’s back. Like, there’s still something I have not fully digested yet. I was literally shocked. But now, in hindsight, I’m like, that, yeah, that sounds about right. But I really didn’t think he’d do it to her.”

It’s an interesting opinion considering Sandoval dated Kristen for five years. He ended up cheating with Ariana when she first joined the cast in 2013. Though the extent of that betrayal is nowhere near what he did with Raquel.

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Understandably, the event is triggering for Kristen who said it’s “bringing back so many memories.” Reflecting on her own relationship with Tom, Kristen believes they should have split sooner. Perhaps the house Tom and Ariana bought together had something to do with it? Kristen certainly believes finances played a major role in stagnating her relationship with Sandoval.

“We should’ve broken up after a year or two,” Kristen explained. “We shared a DVR box. We shared bills. We shared a s—-y apartment. We didn’t have any money. And it was like, we shared the same friend group. It was, like, easier to just — as it felt in the moment — easier to just stay in it than it was to, like, break up the friend group. But we were both unfaithful. We cheated on each other.”

Despite their awkward start, Ariana and Kristen became close. And the Sex, Love, and What Else Matters podcast host feels grateful to her. She said, “I’m so lucky to call her a really good friend for many many years now. And unfortunately, had to thank her for taking him out of my life. It’s so wild. There’s no karma coming down her.”

“She doesn’t have a leech that’s going to dragging her down anymore,” Kristen added. “She gets to flourish. She can write her own book without someone riding her coattails.”

Kristen’s insight into Tom is likely the reason that she’s been asked by Bravo producers to film again. After news of the affair broke, filming quickly resumed to catch the fallout.

As for whether Kristen will agree, an insider said, “Kristen has put the show behind her, but she’s considering it. It’ll depend if Ariana wants her to do it and is comfortable as that’s the only way she would ever go back on the show. It’s a conversation she and Ariana are having right now. The girls have all been spending time with Ariana.”

Kristen will definitely take Ariana’s feelings into consideration. She posted a video to Instagram last week in support of her friend. “I stan Ariana. This is in real time. I love you so much.”

In another Instagram post, the VPR alum said she received no delight in seeing Ariana cheated on as she was. Kristen said, “There’s so many people right now wondering if this is making me happy. You guys, Ariana and I have been really good friends for many, many years now so I am Team Ariana, all day, every day. That’s what’s up.”

Indeed, the cast has been using social media to lash out at the cheaters. Raquel decided to flee LA because of the backlash. “I’ve seen you for who you [are] for a long time, and you just don’t like that,” Lala addressed Sandoval. “But, I think now is the time for you to shut the f— up. I’m eating good the next time I see you.”

To Raquel, Lala added, “I suggest you get some energy for me. You’re gonna need it.” In a very slick move, Lala discounted the eye shadow palette that Raquel designed for her makeup line. The makeup has currently sold out at Give Them Lala Beauty.


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