VANDERPUMP RULES -- Season:10 -- Pictured: Tom Sandoval -- (Photo by: Tommy Garcia/Bravo)

Tom Sandoval And Raquel Leviss Kissed In First Post-Scandal Vanderpump Rules Scene

If you were looking to raise your blood pressure, look no further than this story. The Vanderpump Rules’ cheating bombshell, now dubbed “Scandoval,” has taken over the internet. VPR fans and anyone interested in a major pop culture story have been clamoring for details ever since the story broke.

To summarize – Tom Sandoval (hence, Scandoval) cheated on his longtime partner and castmate Ariana Madix. The kicker? It’s with his other castmate, Raquel Leviss. The other kicker? She’s “friends” with Ariana. The ultimate kicker, as if we needed any more kickers? The affair has apparently been going on for over six months. All unbeknownst to the cast, let alone Ariana.

While Season 10 of the series is already airing, the aftermath of Scandoval has been caught by Bravo cameras. Word is already out that the new footage will be a part of this season. And one such scene being leaked is enough to make me scream.

Page Six reported that in the first scene filmed by Sandoval and his mistress Raquel, they get quite cozy. A source revealed, “They kissed on camera.”

The scene allegedly took place at Raquel’s apartment. Ariana is holed up in the Valley Village mansion she shares with Sandoval, being supported by her friends and fellow castmates.

A kiss seems like a pretty good indicator of where this is going between Sandoval and Raquel. But another insider shared that their relationship is still “complicated.”

Do you mean complicated like he just betrayed his partner/co-star of 9 years complicated? Yeah, definitely complicated!

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The kissing scene that was filmed apparently took place just one day after Ariana found out about Sandoval’s infidelity. ONE DAY, people! The audacity.

Sandoval and Ariana filmed a scene of their own, with sources saying that Ariana left the conversation feeling “gaslit.” This doesn’t surprise me at all given how diabolical Sandoval is for all of this.

The source detailed, “He gave her several excuses as to why he never copped to cheating.” Another insider added that “he didn’t tell her about the affair with [Raquel] Leviss because he was worried about how it would impact her mental health.”

The same source went on to say that Ariana confided in fellow castmates and friends Kristen Doute, Katie Maloney, Scheana Shay, and Lala Kent.

The close-knit crew is “disappointed,” in Sandoval’s behavior post-split, the insider noted. “[Ariana] has recapped what happened with her friends and castmates, the majority of whom are disappointed Tom seems unable to take accountability for his actions or express substantial remorse. Of course, they’ve been rallying behind her in the passing days,” the unnamed source added.

Both Sandoval and Raquel issued tepid apologies on their social media pages. But sources are buzzing that the two planned “for weeks” to reveal their affair to Ariana.

Their alleged plans were foiled when Ariana discovered it first by seeing an explicit video of Raquel on Sandoval’s phone.

Whether they planned on telling Ariana on camera or not is unknown. According to the insider, they had been “ruminating for weeks” about confessing.

Page Six reached out to reps for Bravo, Raquel, and Sandoval for comment but did not hear back.


[Photo Credit: Tommy Garcia/Bravo]