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Vanderpump Rules Star Raquel Leviss Is Over Drama With Lala Kent; Says “I Don’t Have Energy” For Lala

Vanderpump Rules star Raquel Leviss has a long and sordid history with Lala Kent. Several other folks on Pump Rules also have a long and sordid history with Lala. Raquel first appeared as the timid love interest of James Kennedy. Their relationship evolved into an engagement while Lala seethed on the sidelines.

Lala and James had a brief fling but it was driven by alcohol and dance beats. They never became an official couple but James was very attentive to Lala despite his claimed devotion to Raquel. Even though Lala was in a love affair of her own, she never got on Raquel’s side and reduced herself to high school bully mentality.

Eventually Lala and Raquel saw the error of their ways in their respective relationships. Season 10 of VPR is for all the single ladies and they are out on the prowl. Perhaps you thought Raquel and Lala could bond over their mutual break-ups. According to Raquel, she’s just not into Lala enough to deal with her anymore. Us Weekly has the details.

Raquel said, “Lala has just treated me a certain way over all of these years, and it’s hard for me to let go of that.” It’s hard for me to let go of Lala’s finger pointing in Raquel’s face without being snatched completely off her hand. She added, “Plus, throughout this season, you’ll kind of see some more things of the way that she treated me. I don’t have energy for that anymore.”

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Good for Raquel! I can’t be the only one happy to see someone not tolerating Lala’s penchant for melting down. This season her reason for having a ‘tude is the fallout from being with a married cheater. Lala has also blamed drinking for her poor attitude and one year it was due to her father’s death. There will always be an occasion for Lala to be pissed off and it looks like Raquel had an a-ha moment.

She continued, “If you’re not gonna treat me the way I deserve to be treated, then you’re not gonna be in my life.” We might have just embarked on a brand new season, but Lala and Raquel have already clashed. Because, of course they have.

Lala attempted to advise Raquel not to pursue intimate relations with Tom Schwartz. No one wants to see Katie Maloney mad. Unfortunately for Lala, Raquel is now a production company’s dream and will do whatever she damn well pleases. I’m sure Lala remembers those days fondly.

Lala went so far as to vaguely threaten Raquel if she dares to tread in the Schwartzy waters. She implied “bodies” would be left on the floor if Raquel and Schwartz had biblical knowledge of each other’s no-no places. During a dinner with Katie and Lala, Raquel assured them she has better taste is not interested in Tom.

When executive-producer Scheana Shay suggested Raquel hook up with Tom, Raquel said she likes him, but platonically. “And then I think about it more. I do like Schwartz a lot. I don’t know, like, I wouldn’t ever date him seriously though.” Has anyone ever seriously dated Schwartz? Raquel maintains Schwartz is a sweetheart but they are keeping things on a friendship level. “Just because Tom Schwartz is so kind and considerate. And he always puts himself in other people’s shoes. And that’s something I admire a lot about him,” she said.

Ultimately Raquel and Schwartz did kiss at Scheana’s wedding and to our knowledge, no bodies are currently on the floor. There are very few people left intimidated by Lala, the Maker of Bad Choices. One cannot walk around and tell people who they can and cannot hang out with. Kind of like when people suggested to Lala not to get down and dirty with a married man.


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