Lisa Vanderpump and Tom Sandoval at the Vanderpump Rules reunion
(Photo by: Nicole Weingart/Bravo via Getty Images)

Lisa Vanderpump Clarifies When She Discovered Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss’ Affair

The Vanderpump Rules drama isn’t over yet. But don’t worry, we can finally see the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. March 1 seems like 500 years ago and Scandoval has aged us all.

We are one day away from the second part of the Pump Rules reunion and this is apparently where Rachel Raquel Leviss shows up. We know Part 3 will arrive on June 7 and an earth-shattering secret will be revealed. Rumors have been circulating about that secret and we’ve heard everything from a Scandofetus to Lisa Vanderpump knowing about the affair the whole time.

Now Lisa is setting at least one of those rumors to rest. She took to Twitter and set the record straight and take some heat off.

Lisa did not know about Scandoval, allegedly

LVP’s Twitter post read, “Ok I didn’t know…until a minute before you all did…I wish I would’ve tho. #pumprules.” Is everyone happy now? Can we move on to the next possibility of the revelation? Do we know if Raquel went back into her shame trailer and that’s where she’s been the entire time?

Lisa also shared that she knows what the big bomb is in a separate post. “I know the revelation …but it ain’t that,” she wrote. At this point, I’m surprised executive producer Alex Baskin is able to conduct his life in a normal fashion after he let it drop cast contracts haven’t gone out due to this skeleton in the cupboard.

But she does know something

Many people believe production was aware of Tom Sandoval and Raquel’s love affair because let’s face it – they aren’t the brightest bulbs in the box. Neither have the level of competence it would take to fool reality television producers and in hindsight, there were so many clues.

The Vanderpump Rules reunion returns to drama tomorrow. Scheana Shay will be whisked off the stage because Raquel now fears tiny people with excessive gel tips. While Lisa tries to shake off not ripping Sandoval from limb to limb, all eyes will be on Raquel finally coming face to face with Ariana Madix.

Watch the Season 10 Vanderpump Rules reunion as it scandalizes into Part 2 on Wednesday, May 31 at 8/9c on Bravo.