Photos: Dorit Kemsley Thinks Lisa Vanderpump’s Friendship With Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave Is “Fleeting”; Says It’s A “Love Fest” With Camille Grammer After Their Twitter Feud

Dorit Kemsley

Wow. That last Real Housewives of Beverly Hills episode was intense. Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave decided to tell Lisa Rinna about something Dorit Kemsley said three months prior using her accountability coach job title as an excuse for her honesty. On one hand, it makes sense that Teddi would want to get that off her chest, but the timing could have been way better. Why wait that long and until they were actually getting along?

Then the tension between Teddi and Dorit turned into a face off between Teddi and Erika Girardi. Teddi accused Erika of having “pretend amnesia.” Erika interpreted that as Teddi calling her a liar and Erika showed a level of anger that we haven’t seen since that Hong Kong freak out. Teddi shouldn’t have insinuated that Erika was lying, but Erika struck back at her a little too hard. It really didn’t seem like Teddi was trying to stir shit up, but her attempt to do the right thing blew up in her face and she left the restaurant crying. It’s a messy situation all around, but have no fear: Dorit was on Watch What Happens Live last night to make everything even messier.

Before getting into the latest Beverly Hills episode, Andy Cohen asked Dorit about her Twitter feud with Camille Grammer. Dorit didn’t seem at all fazed and even joked, “Shame on Dorit. Shame on Dorit.” Andy was all for it and even admitted, “I love it.” He even asked, “So was there more that was said that you don’t remember from that Project Angel Food event that didn’t air?” That question makes no sense. How would Dorit be able to reveal information that she does not remember?

Nevertheless, Dorit insisted, “No. Goodness no.” She also pointed out, “Clearly it wasn’t that noteworthy or it would have been shown.” Andy agreed and said, “Actually that’s probably true.” I want to see the tapes. If Dorit said something offensive, I want to see it in a highlight reel during one of the reunion episodes before Camille and Dorit start screaming at each other.

Andy told Dorit, “You and Camille: oil and water.” Dorit disagreed and insisted, “Actually, no. We have a love for one another.” Since when? Is Camille aware of this so-called love?

Dorit shared, “We were having a love fest like tonight on Instagram. I commented on a picture of her and her daughter. Her daughter just got her driver’s license. I said ‘you look like sisters’ and she was like ‘thank you.'” I’m sure that one nice Instagram comment smoothed over months of passive aggressive digs between the two of them…

Dorit has really been in the thick of it this season. She had so much to discuss during her time in the Bravo clubhouse. Andy took a page out of Dorit’s book and stirred the pot when he asked Dorit, “How do you feel about [Lisa Vanderpump’s] love for Teddi?” Without a second of hesitation, Dorit remarked, “Oh, please. That’s fleeting.” There’s no chance of that being true. Lisa always takes the new girls under her wing to do her bidding. Lisa and Teddi will be just fine until another soldier comes along. Just ask Dorit… and Brandi Glanville. They are well-aware of how that rotation works.

Andy told Dorit, “We got a lot of questions saying ‘Why is it OK that you gave Erika panties, but reacted badly to Camille giving you the gag? Don’t you realize how hypocritical you look in that situation?'” Dorit admitted, “I completely understand that.”

Then she explained, “It wasn’t so much the gift, it was the timing of it. We’re at Lisa Vanderpump’s birthday lunch. It’s a very elegant affair. Lisa and I were not on the best of terms and I didn’t want it to be about me and Camille. I really wanted it to be about Lisa and her birthday. So I wasn’t on it.” I don’t know if that’s actually how Dorit felt in that moment or if that’s a convenient change of the narrative, but that actually does make a lot of sense. Even so, it still comes off like Dorit can dish it out, but she really can’t take it.

The questions just kept on coming. A fan asked, “Does Dorit have the shortest memory? She didn’t think she did anything wrong when she told Erika what the girls said, so why be upset about Teddi?” Dorit answered, “I just think that Teddi is stirring the pot. She’s meddling in friendships and she’s igniting these fires and then sort of pulling back and wants to wash her hands of it. Isn’t it the same thing she’s accusing me of doing?”

Andy was confused by Dorit’s non-answer and asked, “So then are you doing the same thing?” Dorit told him, “Am I doing the same thing as Teddi? Yeah. I think it’s sort of on the same page.” OK, then.

After the commercial break, Andy said, “Now she understands the question I was asking her before. What’s different about you telling what the women said about Erika versus Teddi telling Lisa Rinna what you said?” That was essentially worded the same way as when the question was originally asked, but I guess Dorit had more time to come up with a plausible answer.

She told Andy, “I think three months is the difference. She saw that we had a friendship. I think at that point, it was almost like it was designed to meddle in a friendship and create some kind of drama.” Fair enough. Why would Teddi – an accountability coach – wait a whole three months to tell Rinna something that Dorit said? Would she have said it if Rinna and Dorit weren’t getting along so well? Or maybe she just didn’t want to get caught lying by omission on camera and figured it was best to come clean about what she heard during the season instead of after?

Andy told Dorit that Lisa Vanderpump “said that she was basically friends with you out of obligation to PK [Kemsley].” Dorit continued to prove her devotion to Lisa Vanderpump and said, “I think that was twisted a little bit. I think what she said is she got to know me because of her friendship with PK. My friendship with Lisa Vanderpump is very real and I do believe wholeheartedly that her and I can move well past this.”

Dorit took one last dig at Teddi when a caller asked about the possibility of them burying the hatchet: “I’d love to bury the hatchet with Teddi, but I can’t get it out of my back.” Damn. That was a good one. I honestly don’t think that Teddi is actually coming for Dorit. It just seems like she’s out of her league with this crew. These girls are viciously trying to secure those diamonds for next season’s opening credits.

And most importantly, Dorit addressed the most perplexing issue on this show: her constantly changing hairstyles. She credited extensions for her wide variety of styles and claimed, “I’ve never worn a wig in my life. Other than Halloween.” Now I feel like I have more questions than answers. What does Dorit’s real hair actually look like?

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Photo Credit: Bravo